Hot & New, Week of 03/27/23

Hot & New, Week of 03/27/23
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Spring break begins across the country and Ultra Music Festival rings in the mainstream EDM festival circuit! Without a doubt, vacation vibes and dancefloor energy float in the air (almost as infectious as the pollen), and Audius encapsulates those moods in this week’s Hot & New playlist update.

Festival trap legend NGHTMRE explodes onto Audius with his remix of “When I’m Gone,” originally by bass bastion PEEKABOO. NGHTMRE takes the gentle track and infuses it with his classic high-energy style. In his remix of “When I’m Gone,” the build-up is replaced with sharp synths that lend themselves to a euphoric drop. After this peak, it softly crashes to the melancholic vocals by XAELO underlined by an introspective piano, only to return to the joyous melody crafted by NGHTMRE. This take of “When I’m Gone” re-imagines the original track for the mainstage with its bouncy and emotional redesign.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/x2BKOj2?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Audius once again spotlights veggi! At first celebrating their debut with “Feel So Good,” now veggi drops their LIQUID EP on our platform. This six-track body of work includes their nonchalant hit, “EXCEPTIONAL,” featuring vocals from rapper DijahSB. veggi synthesizes a steady beat with organ-like synths that instill a quiet sense of confidence in listeners. Meanwhile, DijahSB’s lyrics fuel the track, reminding everyone how life can be “EXCEPTIONAL.” This track stands as a perfect representation of the entire LIQUID EP: carefree, cool, and perfect for a Saturday springtime drive!

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/x5QJRgx?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Floyd Zion dropped “Belly” on Audius, becoming their first track on the platform. Floyd Zion presents an unexpected clash of indie rock and elements of different electronic music genres. A driving emo rock instrumental meshes with distorted, slightly auto-tuned vocals. Listening to the lyrics reveals that “Belly” undoubtedly belongs to the emo rock category, as Floyd Zion sings about attempting to overcome his struggles. “Belly,” among the other two releases that Floyd Zion surprised Audius with, satiates listeners’ hunger for rock music with just a dash of electronica.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/92WOPoA?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Lookas unveils his remix of John Summit’s latest release, a collaboration with vocalist Hayla titled “Where You Are.” While the first version combines tech house with the progressive house sounds of Kaskade and deadmau5, Lookas’ remix takes these genres and gives them a significant twist. Lookas adds a twinkling synth to the melody and celestial chords underneath Hayla’s angelic voice. Then, his remix of “Where You Are” drops into a pounding techno bassline, accented by flashing and grumbling samples. Certainly, both the original and the Lookas remix will be blasted from speakers at festivals!

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/zOO9Yvx?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

The latest offering from c arrives, a heavy techno track titled “Annihilate” by Will Sparks. An intense four-on-the-floor bassline punches prominently while descending alarms create a sense of urgency in this track. Will Sparks shrouds the warehouse rave in darkness and danger, illuminated only by flashing red and white strobe lights. Indeed, “Annihilate” sets the dancefloor aflame, and fans are left eagerly awaiting the next track from both Will Sparks and Revealed Recordings.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/vR6EXPV?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Finally, people everywhere feel reinvigorated, whether it’s from more sunlight, anticipation for their vacations, or unsealable joy for the next festival. Channel every joyous mood with this week’s finely curated Hot & New playlist!

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