Hot & New, Week of 03/20/23

Hot & New, Week of 03/20/23
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As festival season begins, everyone feels a whirlwind of emotions! From excitement to FOMO, music lovers everywhere crave that main stage feeling. This week, Audius compiled a collection of energetic and euphoric tracks on our latest Hot & New playlist update!

Grammy award-winning producer NITTI makes his Audius debut with his newest release, an epic remix of “Sex On Fire” by the iconic band, Kings of Leon. NITTI takes this explosive rock track and puts his electronic twist on it. Indeed, NITTI transforms this track, leveling up “Sex On Fire” from a Kings of Leon hit to an addictive EDM anthem. Replacing guitar riffs with powerful, uplifting synths, NITTI’s remix of “Sex On Fire” is perfect for falling in love this festival season.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/xvjY0x7?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Highly lauded multi-hyphenate musician Laura Bettinson also makes her Audius debut this week, releasing a dancefloor heater under her latest project, lau.ra. She presents a club edit of her most recent track, “Down With Me,” featuring vocals from Dope Earth Alien. lau.ra synthesizes club alchemy in “Down With Me,” signaling to a slew of influential genres throughout her track. Flavors of garage demand that hips gyrate and feet stomp. Pulsating bass and quavering samples match the energy from Dope Earth Alien’s rapid-fire vocals. Without a doubt, lau.ra produced a club edit that will set dancefloors aflame.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/g5pwggp?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Audius proudly presents a third debut from another major artist, veggi and his disco house edit of “Feel So Good,” a hip-hop classic by Mase. veggi maintains the same level of funk and bounce in the original and underlines these elements with a disco beat. This edit of “Feel So Good” is reminiscent of several pillars of 90’s music as veggi fuses together hip-hop and house. This delectable tune infuses listeners with confidence, bringing out the sunshine on even the rainiest of spring days and ensuring people “Feel So Good” when bumping this bop.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/1gE6a95?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

After scoring massive support slots for the likes of Jauz and Gordo, DJ duo Wizzy & Wiley add production to their resume with the release of their first track, “Look At You.” This tech house track contains that classic four-on-the-floor beat with just a touch of darkness. This matches the vaguely psychedelic hypnosis that Wizzy & Wiley want to cast in their live sets, and now their music. “Look At You” features different cavernous elements of techno as well as the occasional vocal sample. For their debut track, Wizzy & Wiley demand eyes and ears on their developing project.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/ZbOZzo6?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Rome In Silver links heartbreak and hope in “Better,” his newest rose-tinted release. This track drops as the first single from his upcoming album. Forever flexing his production prowess, “Better” boasts an artful fusion of rock elements  and a jungle beat, all supporting a lush melody. This clashing of characteristics flows together beautifully, creating an uplifting piece in spite of the longing lyrics. “Better” becomes the track to play when listeners need to taste hope, the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/OJyYjBl?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Without a doubt, Audius picked out the perfect tracks to match an unbeatable mood or lift spirits as high as they can go. Indeed, it’s all sunshine and good vibes on this week’s Hot & New playlist update!

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