Availability 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Audius Availability Options

Availability 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Audius Availability Options

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Hey artists! Looking for fresh ways to connect with your fans? Well, we've got great news! Last week we unveiled the ability to gate your uploads behind NFT collections. Today we’re expanding upon this feature to give artists more freedom to control who can listen to their music. With the new track availability options, you can control who gets to enjoy your tracks and dish out exclusive content to your most loyal followers.

Let's dive in and see what each option does.

1) Public: Share Your Music with the World

By default, when you upload a track to Audius, it's set as "Public." This means your music is available to everyone on the platform, showing up in trending lists and user feeds. If you want your tunes to reach as many ears as possible, go Public!

2) Special Access: Exclusive Treats for True Fans

With "Special Access," you can limit your music to users who meet certain criteria, like following your account. It's perfect for crafting one-of-a-kind experiences for your die-hard fans and supporters.

3) Collectible Gated: VIP Access for Collectors

"Collectible Gated" lets you offer exclusive content to users with linked wallets containing a collectible from a collection you select. These tracks won't appear in trending lists or user feeds, giving your dedicated fans and collectors a super exclusive listening experience.

4) Hidden: Share Secret Tracks with Your Inner Circle

If you want to share a song with just a few select users, choose "Hidden" when uploading your track. Hidden tracks don't show up in search results or your followers' feeds, and they're only visible to you on your profile. But, if you share the direct link, anyone who has it can listen. It's like having a secret club for your music!

Can I change a track's availability after uploading it?

Absolutely, but with a few limitations. You can always switch your track's availability in the edit track menu. However, you can only make your content more available (e.g., moving from Hidden to Collectible Gated, or Collectible Gated to Public) and not the other way around.

Take control of your music and fan experience with these new Audius availability settings! Pick the one that works best for you, and create a listening adventure your audience will love.