Introducing Collectible Gated Tracks

Introducing Collectible Gated Tracks

4 min

The Audius team is thrilled to announce our newest feature! Today we're introducing the ability to restrict access to your tracks through ownership of an NFT collectible. With this exciting update, you have the power to turn your collectibles into digital keys which unlock exclusive access to your tracks!

Now, with just a few clicks, you can lock down your music and create a VIP experience for those who own your collectibles.

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How to Link Your Wallet

Step 1

Navigate to the $AUDIO and Rewards page, which can be found in the overflow menu at the top of the sidebar.

Step 2

 Select the 'Show More Options’ button, located at the bottom of the Wallet section.  

Step 3

Click the ‘Manage Wallets’ button

Step 4

Now, simply follow the prompts to connect your Ethereum or Phantom Solana wallet.

How to Gate Access to a Track

Step 1

Click the Upload button on the Nav Bar.

Step 2

Select the file you wish to upload, and hit continue.

Step 3

This is where you can enter details about your track. In the lower right corner of the track upload card, click the Show Advanced button.

Step 4

Click a button to open the Availability menu. This button displays the current state, which is set to Public by default.

Step 5

 Select the ‘Collectible Gated’ option. You will see a dropdown menu appear.

Step 6

Choose the NFT Collection you'd like to use from the dropdown list and hit the done button.

Step 7

Finally, finish uploading your track and you're done! You’re now ready to share your super exclusive track with your fans!


What is a Gated Track?

Gated tracks are tracks that require a user to own an NFT before they can unlock it. Access to your gated tracks relies on the ownership of an NFTs belonging to a collection. Anyone who owns an item from that collection will have access.

What types of content can have NFT gated access?

Only tracks can be gated at this time.

Where will users find my collectible gated tracks?

Collectible Gated tracks will appear on your profile and in searches, but won't appear on your follower's feeds.

What NFTs can I use to gate access to my tracks?

With a few exceptions, you can use any Ethereum NFT, or any verified Solana NFT collection to gate access to your tracks. NFT metadata quality can vary, so not all collections will work.

How do I know if my Solana NFT is part of a verified collection?

Any Solana NFT collections verified under the latest Metaplex metadata standard should be compatible, but there may be exceptions. You can check if a Solana NFT is part of a verified collection by searching it's token address on the Solana Block Explorer.