Easy Goin’ and Free Flowin’ - Hot & New 7/24

Easy Goin’ and Free Flowin’ - Hot & New 7/24

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Summertime always inspires imagery of floating in the pool, tubing in the river, and feeling the ocean waves curl around us; laidback in the water, going with the flow. This week, Audius bottles those refreshing feelings with delightful and chill releases on our Hot & New playlist update!

Rapper Smoke DZA returns to Audius, presenting a star-studded collaboration titled “Drug Trade.” Boasting production by the legendary Flying Lotus and a feature stanza by fellow heavy-hitting rapper Black Thought, “Drug Trade” is both melancholy and resistant. In classic fashion, Flying Lotus creates a meditative environment with a steady drum rhythm and a crooning wind instrument. Smoke DZA and Black Thought add layers of emotional and lyrical complexity, flowing smoothly about the difficulties of selling drugs while trying to make the dream of making music for a living come true. Contrasting beauty with struggle, “Drug Trade” is essential for any hip-hop head.

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San Holo unveils his highly anticipated release, “feel something real” on his very own imprint, bitbird. Always tapping deep into listeners’ softest and most euphoric emotions, San Holo presents a glistening and gentle hybrid of indietronica and future bass in this latest single. “feel something real” twinkles like technicolor stars, and glistens like a sunset on the ocean. All the while, his dulcet voice calls to the relatable vulnerability of undeniable love for something or someone. Without a doubt, San Holo fans new and old will have the percentages increase listening to “feel something real.”

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Master of dreamy synth soundscapes, Slow Magic presents their newest album, Forgotten Feels. This body of work embodies the crossover between organic and electronic as synths breathe delicately like clouds puffing into existence. Slow Magic once again envelopes listeners in their iridescent imagination, painting pictures of gleaming meadows shifting colors with the wind. Sparking a moment of joyful peace within Forgotten Feels, “Connection” with laxcity combines the tranquil style of Slow Magic with the sparkling bounce of Laxcity. Forgotten Feels invites listeners to reconnect with themselves and with nature, a perfect body of work for summertime introspection.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/ANxJrlK?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Disco Dom dances their way onto Audius, debuting with two singles including the addictive “Control.” Inspired by 1970s disco and pop, this project is the alter ego of house producer Dombresky, and this fresh tune absolutely captures the original sounds of disco and gives it a modern twist. A bass guitar establishes a bop on the upbeat, pairing delectably with a riff of piano chords. Highlighting the disco characteristics, “Control” also features soulful vocal samples. Disco Dom takes the dancefloor and time travels back in time, adding a disco ball to today’s clubs.

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Vocalist SOLLY resurfaces on Audius, offering three of their latest singles to the platform. “dontwannabedead” spotlights SOLLY’s vocal stylings with idkshy’s triplet flow. A minimal beat contrasts the sharp articulation of SOLLY and idkshy with legato piano and a reverberating bass line. Not only that, but the beat works perfectly with both vocalists’ flows, allowing for the lyrics and talent of both musicians to stand out. “dontwannabedead” perfectly combines a touch of playfulness with feelings of desolation - a fitting soundtrack for anyone experiencing summer blues.

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This week’s Hot & New playlist contains a wide spectrum of emotions, yet each song delivers them with ease, encouraging listeners to be like water: flowing wherever your heart takes you.

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