Hot & New, Week of 12/19/22

Hot & New, Week of 12/19/22
7 min

As the winter holiday season commences, some might find themselves too busy to hunt for new music. Don’t fret; Audius has everyone covered for their shopping and traveling tunes with the latest Hot & New playlist update!

Mindchatter massages the mind with “Young Folks,” a gently immersive and highly textured cover of the original Peter Bjorn and John song. Mindchatter reimagines this baroque indie pop song in his sparkling dance style. Twinkling, textured synths compliment their silvery singing voice. The cruising drumline maintains the catchy energy in the original “Young Folks” while also adding a danceable element.

Highly lauded producer JAYCEEOH teams up with Lerome Swiss on their cover of Kid Cudi’s track “Angel” off of his most recent album, Entergalactic. While the first version of “Angel” is celestial and introspective, JAYCEEOH and Lerome Swiss add a twist of big room house. This cover of “Angel” combines grace with the energy of a festival mainstage performance at sunset.

AmyElle blurs the lines between deep house and trance with her remix of “Forever” by Icarus. She weaves the autotune vocals with a driving drum pattern and grooving harmonies. The mesmerizing house heartbeat transports listeners to a warehouse while the glowing synth rhythm emulates flashing strobes. AmyElle’s remix of “Forever” hypnotizes listeners and even feels reminiscent of Daft Punk.

The latest track from laxcity, “razor” bursts with technicolor effervescence. This lush future beats tune electrifies listeners with glitches and quavering sounds. “razor” moves at a fast, bubbly pace, fueled by its eclectic and energetic composition. With this release and his unique sound, laxcity continues building bridges across trap, future bass, and other electronic subgenres.

Audius once again features beatmaker jay vee as they unveil their latest production, “stage cleared.” Melancholic and reflective, silken synth chords are paired with the delicate strumming of a guitar. A steady drumset beat tenderly carries “stage cleared,” lulling listeners in a meditative mood.

Maybe the cold weather calls for singing synths, or a busy week needs an energizing boost. Whatever the mood the wintertime calls for, Audius presents the perfect soundtrack. Travel safe and immerse yourself in love and music this holiday season!