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LV.4 x Mr. Carmack Remix Contest
September 14, 2021
Entries Due:
October 1, 2021

LV.4 and Mr. Carmack have just uploaded their brand new track "Run It" to Audius; with it, they've included remix stems for you all to download for free! You will have from September 14th to the 30th to remix Run It with the stems provided and upload your submissions to Audius. To do this, you'll select the "This is a remix" option during the upload process and paste the URL to the original track when prompted. Your submissions will not be considered unless they are uploaded in this fashion. Submissions must use all stems provided. 1 submission per person.

Prizes are as follows:

1st place: $1000 cash, an opening set at an LV.4 3D Live Experience

2nd place: $500 cash

3rd place: $250 cash