Turbo Prod. - Community Spotlight Series #16

Turbo Prod. - Community Spotlight Series #16

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In this interview, we will be speaking with the active community member and musician, Turbo Prod! Follow along in this exclusive interview to hear more about this incredible artist who releases music exclusively on the Audius platform! What a legend

Question 1:  Hey there ‘Turbo Prod’! Introduce us to your artist project and how you came up with the name ‘Turbo Prod’?

My artistic activity began ten years ago. The name ‘Turbo prod.’ comes from my old nickname “turbo” - that’s what friends called me in my homeyard! I think it’s because I am a lover of extreme sports, mountain biking and snowboarding, always moving quickly and actively.

Question 2: Are you a self-taught music producer? 

When it comes to sound production, I'm constantly learning. This is not to say that I am completely self-taught, I studied guitar and piano at a music school, then studied to be an arranger and sound engineer, and took the course "Golden Ears Audio Ear Training Course” by Dave Moulton at that time.

Question 3:  How would you describe your sound? 

I would describe my sound as electronic, experimental, inspired by many genres, styles and performers, including those I met in the Audius community.

Question 4: What is your favourite thing about being part of the Audius community?

In the Audius community, I found amazing musicians that I have never heard of before. The community is active and shares its work. I think there could be a lot of good collaborations and future celebrities here.

Question 5: You have released so many songs on Audius - around 98 tracks as of this date! What is your favorite track you have released on the Audius platform?

It's so difficult to choose a favorite track. Each track captures events, emotions and memories. From the recent pieces, the most enjoyable listening experiences for me are “follow the coastline,” “undersea beat,” and “melodic chaos.”

Question 6: Your track ‘Jungle Cats’ has accumulated almost 4k plays! Tell us about the process of producing ‘Jungle Cats’ and the inspiration behind the track!

“Jungle Cats" is inspired by the warm evenings and nightlife of Southeast Asia. During the writing process, I experimented a lot with synthesizers, noises, and their modulations to give it a vibe. The drum part was played entirely by hand on the MPC

Question 7: Any cool upcoming plans that you can share about your artist project for 2024? 

Without a doubt you can expect more tracks from me, released exclusively on Audius. Also In 2024, my sidekick KRAMOLA and I are planning to release a joint album, which will contain our instrumental electronic music and hip-hop beats. Perhaps later we will be inspired to record voices on this music, as we did by first releasing the instrumental album “No Words” in 2020, and then we released the album “Out Of Sight” recording rap on “No Words”  and then mixing the music with acappella in the DJ decks.