Transcending During The Golden Hour: CODES, Daniel Allan, Rome in Silver & more! Hot & New 10/2

Transcending During The Golden Hour: CODES, Daniel Allan, Rome in Silver & more! Hot & New 10/2
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Autumn is frequently regarded as a beautiful season largely due to the ways our environment reacts to the weather; plants begin developing rich reds and earthy browns that capture our eye in the extended golden afternoon sunlight. Audius gathered tracks that mimic this comforting season and its luxurious contentment for this week’s Hot & New playlist update.

CODES fuses 1980s rock with his signature tech house production in his “Power Of Love” bootleg by the iconic rock band, Huey Lewis & The News. Heard in several movies and television shows across decades, the original “Power Of Love” is a quintessential 80’s rock song that contains traces of sensuality in the midst of invincibility. Now, CODES twists this tune into a shadowy disco-adjacent take on tech house. Synths glow and sustain over a four-on-the-floor beat, and the guitar upbeats from “Power Of Love” help drive the energy forward. CODES’ remix of “Power Of Love” is the perfect meeting of sonic modernity and nostalgia.

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Daniel Allan continues catching attention on Audius with his stream of singles from his upcoming project, Duality. Including their most recent upload, “Go Ahead (with BYAKE and Kevin George),” Daniel Allan creates soft, dainty soundscapes that fuse club music, future bass, pop, and even breakbeats. The production in “Go Ahead” is on the minimal side, allowing each element to breathe. However, the track remains playful and luscious, perfect for resplendent autumn afternoons. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the Duality project!

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Rome in Silver announces his highly-anticipated debut album, a stunning 13-track collection that showcases the height of this producer’s awe-inspiring talent. This album covers a generous breadth of genres, from celestial house to pulsating bass to soulful R&B. Within this vibrant canvas, Rome in Silver paints with a spectrum of emotions, including silver-tinted melancholy, smitten pastels, and earthy contentment. Not only is the content itself delectable, but Rome in Silver’s debut album is arranged with such palpable intent; stories of sadness, joy, and resilience are told throughout these 13 songs. Give the entire album a top-to-bottom listen!

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MARCO PLUS also boasts an album release, teaming up with The Smokers Club and several featured artists for JOINTS. Another 13-track body of work, JOINTS is rife with head-bopping beats and seamless flows from MARCO PLUS and the stylings from Silky Southern, Sedona, WowGr8, and Ben Reilly. One of The Smokers Club’s members, Smoke DZA, raps alongside MARCO PLUS and Chuck Strangers on “Gamblin’ Souls.” Melancholic, defiant, and cruising beats all complement fabulous lyrical work and storytelling that all make JOINTS a defining rap album of 2023.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/0EAJJOm?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Haan808 returns to FUXWITHIT Records with “I Ain’t Playin,” an underground perspective on modern trap. Haan808 masterfully contrasts quavering, ghostly samples with glowing, floral synths. While there’s hints of industrial grit throughout, “I Ain’t Playin” primarily carries a kaleidoscopic iciness throughout the entire track.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/pjkV0Ez?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Between two freshly released albums and a large swath of new singles, Audius listeners have no shortage of music to dive into! This week’s Hot & New playlist will lead any audiophile on winding trails of music discovery.

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