The Audius Passport: NFTs and Beyond

The Audius Passport: NFTs and Beyond

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Audius strives to be the hub for all artist / fan relationships.

In this post, we’ll present a rough sketch of how we get there along with plans for the topic you’ve all been wondering about – NFTs.

Why Audius?

Audius now has over 3MM monthly active users (MAUs).

The best part? 99% of people would have no clue it’s built on blockchain rails.

This breakout momentum makes Audius the most used decentralized application by a mile – especially when it comes to mainstream users.

Are you an artist looking to get your NFTs getting into the hands of your superfans? Audius has your back.

Audius opens your NFTs to a new audience. This includes both crypto vets and listeners who don’t even know you yet! 3MM eyeballs have a lot of power, and Audius is here to help you be seen.

As the hub for artist / fan relationships, we can envision a world where fans ‘sign in’ to place bids on other NFT marketplaces using their existing Audius profile. Wouldn’t it be cool to easily give anyone who placed a bid on one of your NFTs a backstage pass to your next show?

We see Audius being the logical place to showcase all your music-related activity in the web3 ecosystem, including NFTs!

These are the relationships Audius can offer that Metamask can not. And this is why we’re home to thousands of artists growing their profile in crypto.

Audius is the bedrock for your creator economy.

The Audius Passport

Audius is your home to explore the ever-changing interplay between crypto and music. The “Audius Passport” extends this idea by acting as a mechanism to bridge your Audius identity into the broader web3 ecosystem, and connect your activity in the web3 ecosystem back into Audius too.

Your Audius identity should be usable anywhere you (and 3rd-party developers) see fit, allowing you to participate in other exciting aspects like staking, feature access and governance.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a crypto wizard, AUDIO has a use-case for you.


Two weeks ago Audius launched AUDIO VIP Tiers – allowing users to unlock new features by holding specified amounts of AUDIO tokens.

Aside from looking badass, VIP Tiers unlock upgrades and enhanced product experiences. This offers ways to stand out as a part of the Audius community as you earn tokens for playing a valuable role in the network.

Rewards are coming SoonTM, so keep your eyes peeled for more ways to earn AUDIO!

Audius X Factor

Building off VIP Tiers and our plans for NFTs, Audius will look to support whatever meaningful creator tools make their way to crypto.

Built as a blockchain-based protocol, Audius has the potential to integrate any and all web3 tooling that supports next generation ownership models.

This is an advantage Audius has that no one else in the world does.

Audius spent nearly three years iterating on the deepest blockchain architecture to support a generalized audio protocol at scale. These learning have provided insights, plans and future ambitions to unlock use-cases the music industry has always dreamed of.

Whether its flexible streaming rates, peer to peer payments, micro-transactions or any number of other game-changing technologies – there is no one better suited to tackle these challenges than Audius.

This is not to say Audius has all the answers – it does not. But, it does suggest that Audius is at the forefront of additive tooling to support creators and that will not change anytime soon.

The Future of Audius

Community ownership models are the name of the game.

Outside of unique payment mechanisms, concepts like shared ownership, curation rewards and fan clubs are some of the many ways Audius may evolve in the future. All of these things lead to a fan on Audius being more valuable than a fan on any other platform today.

If one thing is for certain, direct to fan has never been closer to reality.

To our artists, listeners, node operators and community advocates – we would not be here without you.

If you thought you’ve seen it all, just wait. The future is now.

Until then, this is the Audius team – tuning out.