smoovethegreat - Community Spotlight Series #14

smoovethegreat - Community Spotlight Series #14

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Today, we have an inspiring and honest interview with one of the rockstars in our Audius community - smoovethegreat!

Question 1: Wassup Smoove - how are you? First of all, what drives you to create music?

Making music makes me feel good, and I like how I can create something new every time! 

Question 2: How did you discover Audius? You have uploaded so many tracks to the Audius platform! In fact, the song ‘Rara’ was your first upload. Tell us about your Audius journey. 

My brother was the one who introduced me to Audius. I started using it and discovered so many different things that  I loved about the platform. I then joined the Discord/Telegram chats and shared my first song “Rara.” What I love about the community is how engaging everyone is! The people are dope and it’s a good platform to build an authentic following. 

Question 3: Who are your music inspirations?

Drake, Kanye West, The Notorious B.I.G and Bob Marley. 

Question 4: Why do you think the traditional music streaming industry is broken? What do you think the solutions are for artists being adequately compensated for their music? 

Yeah, it’s hard. Apple Music, Spotify, and a lot of the big streaming platforms don’t necessarily pay artists at all. The industry is broken because a lot of artists can’t make a living from their music. I think the solution largely depends on the existing contracts between artists, music companies, and streaming platforms. 

Question 5: Your song “Again” on Audius has garnered an impressive 8.02k plays. What was the process like creating this tune? 

When I first heard the beat, it connected with me. Before I went to the studio that day I was watching some world news and I’m just thinking how crazy the world is. For some reason that’s what popped up on my mind when I freestyled the hook and the verses of the song. 

Question 6: If you could collaborate with any music artist in the world, who would it be and why? 

Drake, Post Malone, Travis Scott. All three of them are amazing and they are some of my favorites that I listen to everyday. 

Question 7: Where do you think the music industry is heading in terms of the Web 3 creator economy? 

It’s heading somewhere for sure! Web 3 is slowly growing. I can see Audius becoming very big in the next few years taking over some of the traditional streaming platforms.

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