SaintLlaines  - Artist Spotlight Series #8

SaintLlaines  - Artist Spotlight Series #8

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Today in our Artist Spotlight Series, we bring you SaintLlaines. Starting his musical journey with an intention to rap, SaintLlaines found his true calling in music production. Today, he is a stalwart in the Audius community, creating distinctive tracks and appreciating the opportunities the platform provides. Let's explore his musical inspirations, journey with Audius, and his vision for the future of his music.

Question 1. Tell us about your artist name and how you got into making music.

▷ Before I came up with Saint.Llaines it was just Llaines. I got Llaines from interchanging the letters of my name ELLIAN. I started music with the intention to rap. I did write raps but a year later I got interested in music production and that ladies and gentlemen is how I became a music producer! Check out my Audius profile here (!

Question 2. Who are your musical inspirations?

▷ Crownz (my bro from the jump), Junior Lino, Jayon OTB, Decap, Metro Boomin, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Tech N9ne, Migos (RIP TAKEOFF 🕊), Travis Scott, Henri Dikongue, Russ and many more! Check out my song 'Young Legend (' 🎶

Question 3. How did you discover Audius and what is your favorite thing about it?

▷ Well I’m part of another community called DeSo and they host music rooms on Clubhouse every Monday and that’s where I saw an Audius link. A friend told me about it too 🔥

Question 4. You have released some dope music on Audius. Tell us about your favorite track releases and the creative process behind it.

▷ So far I’ve released just one track on Audius and to be honest it is my one of my best. I produced the beat for the track YOUNG LEGEND back in 2020 when I was still producing with my sister’s Samsung Tablet and I had to send the beat to Crownz so he could hop on it real quick because the beat was 🔥🔥. He did his thing and Jayon OTB did the mix and mastering and it’s now Platinum on Spotify. 💿

Question 5. What do you think of the Metaverse and Web 3 and how do you think it can help artists to succeed?

▷ I believe Web 3 & Metaverse will be very resourceful not just for us artists but for everyone! Being in a community that is open and vast with a lot of opportunities is a game changer. I do believe consistency and networking will set others apart from the rest.

Question 6. What are your future plans for your music? Where would you like to see your career five years from now?

▷ First things first, I wanna shoutout @uezurii - ever since I got into the Audius community, he’s been showing support and love to everyone in the community! It's lit🔥 I plan on dropping new music regularly and I’m going to put out 2 beat tapes of 11 beats each just so I can raise funds to get a new pc for production. I really do want to collab with a lot of people in the community and I’m for real about it. In 5 years from now I see myself at the pinnacle!💐 OMNIMATIC.