Powerful and Peaceful Pieces: Plastician, GANZ, Tutara Peak & more! Hot & New 1/22

Powerful and Peaceful Pieces: Plastician, GANZ, Tutara Peak & more! Hot & New 1/22

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The frost has been shaken off, and Audius user excitedly return to their new year’s resolutions! Whether it’s self-love or powering through gym sessions, this week’s Hot & New playlist update contains the next additions for your 2024 focus playlists.

UK keynote producer Plastician returns to Audius, unveiling his latest track “Speed Demon.” After making his mark in the early 2000’s in the UK dubstep and grime scenes, Plastician established himself as a pillar in the London underground scene. Since then, he expanded his sonic palate and his discography now covers a colorful collection of genres. “Speed Demon” taps into his UK garage side and utilizes iconic samples from the genre. The four-on-the-floor beat steadily carries the nonchalant melody; the quiet energy of “Speed Demon” makes it a fitting track for festival stages in the sun as well as warehouse raves hidden in the night.

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Purveyor of pretty production GANZ presents his first release of the year, a collaboration with jsaamena titled “Do Something.” This beat wraps listeners in gentle pastels and airy sounds that caress like a spring breeze. “Do Something” contains vivid imagery of shining sun rays melting the winter frost and birds with bright plumage soaring and chirping. With his impeccable talent for capturing beauty in audio, GANZ once again invites listeners into his tranquil imagination in “Do Something.”

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Keeping a peaceful theme, Tutara Peak joins hands with Winifred for a meditative moment in “Orbit.” Although quiet and introspective, Tutara Peak maintains their psychedelia streak with their subtly kaleidoscopic elements lying in the background. Meanwhile, the forefront of the song is decorated by the sweet sounds of Winifred’s vocals. Like a montage of passing time, “Orbit” rapidly weaves together a love story that rises stunningly with the sun and embraces the untroubled infinity that comes with nighttime. Indeed, “Orbit” is blissful, lapping softly at the edge of the beach like low-tide ocean waves. Tutara Peak and Winifred have crafted a complex and calm tale in this track.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/NY88j4?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Eccentric electronic duo um.. shares the latest installment in their skrillex series, “skrillex 10.” Composed using their unmatched sound design, this track embodies um..’s discography: the intersection between the macabre and the mischievous. “skrillex 10” is rife with demonic grumbling and manipulated dog growls layered over a lurching bassline. Although the eclectic composition seems to jerk listeners in several directions, there’s a certain cruising feel to this track. This fresh beat from um.. will certainly give bass lovers something new and interesting to sink their teeth into!

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Zaza invites listeners to return to the rave with their latest heat rock, “Out of Me.” This tech-house tune is characterized by low horns and a deep feminine vocal. Meanwhile, a laser melody twangs and drives the song out of speakers and onto the dancefloor. “Out of Me” borders on minimal, hypnotizing dancers with the subtle swing and funk sub bass line. Undoubtedly, listeners will be able to catch “Out of Me” by Zaza next time they’re at the club.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/g5xXak9?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Nearing the end of January can make it difficult to maintain the habits we promised ourselves at the top of the year. However, Auidius encourages our users that they can accomplish anything! We encourage you to empower your workouts or practice peace with our Hot & New playlist update!

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