Miracle Productions - Community Spotlight Series #12

Miracle Productions - Community Spotlight Series #12

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Each day we are blown away by the quality of talent on our channels and are amazed by their backstories and how they have formed genuine connections and collaborations within the Audius community.  

Next up, we speak to a very cool music artist in our Audius community - Miracle Productions!

Question 1: Hello Miracle Productions! How did you get into creating music? 

Hey there! I go by the name Miracle Productions. I started making beats when I was 16 years old. I am now 31 years old. My music journey started when my high school friends and I decided to record in the basement. I had a friend who used FL Studio to create beats and I have been hooked on creating beats ever since! I loved the idea of creating your own music and expressing your feelings. I just allow my energy to guide my music creation process. At that time I was also going to church where I was playing keys in the worship team, so I had a little bit of experience in making music. Most of my beats are made by feelings and some are made with a specific purpose. With purpose, I am referring to a request coming from an artist or experimenting with genres. Most of the time, if you listen to my beats they are all made by going with the flow and letting my energy and vibe guide me. So if I am sad, you will hear a sad type of beat. If I am happy or mad, you will hear music that reflects those emotions. 

Question 2: What are your secrets into getting in a creative flow?

Here are a few ways I can get into my creative flow:

I listen to different genres of music such as country, classical, Hop Hop, Trap as I like to hear what each instrument is doing in that particular genre of music.

I also get my creative flow from life experience. I allow my emotions to lead me when I make beats. If I am sad, I’ll make a sad type of beat. If I am angry, you will more likely hear me make a Drill/Trap beat with hard hitting sounds and aggressive, dark melodies. 

If I am working with an artist, I will then allow their energy to lead me for what suits the track best!

Question 3: How did you discover the Audius platform? 

My partner in crime @uezurrii kept discussing this new platform that he discovered that gives producers and artists the opportunity to upload their instrumentals and tracks. At first I was doubting such a platform could exist because I don’t like to join random platforms without exploring it at first. I then decided to join Audius and upload my beats and tracks that I produced. The community liked it so much that I was three weeks straight in the ‘TOP 5 #UNDERGROUND’, as well as ‘TOP 5# TRENDING.” I even collaborated with different artists in the Audius community such as Maeki Mai, Bryvnn, & Solid Past.

Question 4: What do you love the most about Audius and the Audius community? 

There are two major things I love about Audius. 

Community: I love the way the community is so close with each other! There’s always someone there to help out with questions

Audius platform: I love all the possibilities the platform provides when it comes to releasing music such as albums, singles, instrumentals, and stems. It’s great that the platform gives each week to the artists that are in the Top 5. 

Question 5: Can you share with us here your favourite music release on Audius and the proceed behind creating this track? 

My favorite release is the one with my partner 'Uezuiri - N.O.R.A ( Prod. By Solid Past).' Uezurii and I are one heck of a good team! The beats that we made together are amazing and the message that Uezurii is sharing is inspiring. 

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/mRwM56w?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Question 6: What is coming up next for you with your music career?

For now I am busy with my band called ‘Ruwhel en de BigiBlues Band.’ We are performing and touring around in the Netherlands. I am also very busy working with multiple artists and hoping to release more songs soon!

Question 7: What is the dream scenario for new upcoming artists if you could cure anything about the music industry?

Hmmm..if I could cure anything in the industry…Something that I am not a fan of are remakes of old songs. Artists need to be more creative and leave the old tracks alone as there are all these new remakes of old legendary tracks. I encourage artists to be unique in your own way and create something where others would want to remake your track. Think outside the box.

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