med mc - Artist Spotlight Series #10

med mc - Artist Spotlight Series #10

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Question 1. What was your first memory of listening to music?

▷ I discovered rap music with Ice Cube's song "Today Was A Good." I think it was the first song that I heard when I was 5 years old. I think I wasn't understanding the lyrics but I was chilling on the beat. The melody is so soft and the sample is so dope! I still have the same feelings for it until now. 🎶

Question 2. Was there a particular moment that inspired you to create music and why?

▷ I grew up on many artists like 50 cent, Jay-Z, Booba, Mobb Deep, Snoop, Eminem etc. At that time, rap music was dominant as it was like a lifestyle in the early 00's. It was that era that inspired me.

Question 3. Explain to our readers what your music creation process is like?

▷ There is not an actual exact process for music creation. I believe that music is unlimited and everything follows feelings. On every song, I let my feelings guide me. For example, today I received twenty beats. I hear them all and after that I go back to a beat and rap on it. It is not square for is all about the feelings.

Question 4. The Audius community loves your song “Ambitions!” The track description states that ‘ambitions is a song that talks about what we are fighting for in this life. Never give up.’ What would you like to share about this special song with the Audius community?

▷ Yes that's right! "Ambitions" is a special song for me. My fan page increased from 70 followers to more than 1k followers in a week. The song was doing well and also in trend. I got a special feeling for it. It is ambitious as it was called.❤️

Question 6. Do you believe music can heal the world?

▷ Yeah I believe in that but unfortunately the music industry doesn't work towards this mission. I hope one day this will change. 

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