MATTRICK - Community Spotlight Series #13

MATTRICK - Community Spotlight Series #13

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Today, let's deep dive into the Audius community to discover our latest community spotlight - MATTRICK!

Question 1. Hello MATTRICK! We just love you here in the Audius community! Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into making music?

Music has always been a major inspiration in my life. I'm fascinated by the way music can evoke such strong emotions. I tried early on going the normal band route. I picked up a trumpet in the 2nd grade and endured it till the 4th grade ultimately leaving the instrument and feeling unsatisfied. Personally I want to create, not mimic or recite something else if that makes sense. I have vivid memories as a child actively listening to all types of music growing up during the late 90's to early 2000's. I was heavily influenced early on by the unique sound of Korn, and how raw the down tuned 7 String guitars sounded. I wasn't a big fan of Hip-Hop or Rap until I heard tracks produced by Bangladesh, Kid Cudi, & Metro-Boomin. I've especially been interested in tracks that have what I like to describe as having "several different stages.” For instance, I like Travis Scott & Drake's "Sicko Mode.”  It's three different songs rolled into one - I love it! I never dreamed of being a musician in the sense of being famous or anything like that. It wasn't until I turned 17 years old that I happened to come across a demo version of ImageLine's FL Studio. The Digital Audio Workstation I still continue to use today. I was instantly in love with how freely you can operate the program. My 20's were "interesting" to say the least… I didn’t have much opportunity or the means to create music unfortunately, but I still tried. Nowadays I reflect on all of my experiences, and I can tell you I believe I have lived more in 10 years than most people have in their entire lives. From all of these personal experiences "good & bad," I always thought I could write a book about. However, I know I prefer music as a means of creativity in expressing my emotions & experiences instead. My music heavily depends on my mood and current situation, or are representations of past experiences. I am thrilled to freely be able to create what I want, how I want and when I want.

Question 2: What is your favourite thing about the Audius platform and community?

My favorite thing about Audius is its community. I have never in my life experienced such a range of unique talented individuals who value the same ideologies as myself. We’re talking abouts individuals very much like myself who value their independence and freedom to create without constraints. Audius and its decentralized nature is what attracted me to the platform initially. I'll be honest, when I found Audius, I completely left all other platforms I was using then to focus all my energy on one platform because I believe in it so much. I mean, I have a tattoo that says it all ... Yes! I'm the first person to get the Audius Logo tattooed on my forearm! I'm known throughout the platform because of that! I'm definitely a believer, that's for sure. I'm very passionate about anything I focus my energy on. I'm fully aware of what I'm doing in regards to the manifestation aspects of my own reality. 

Question 3:  Where do you like to hang out in the Audius community generally in terms of social platforms (ie. Telegram, Discord)? Have you ever connected with anyone at Audius in real life?

I tend to frequent the Audius Telegram Channel quite often as it is a lot easier for me to share artwork and parts of songs I may be in the process of creating. Discord is somewhat limiting on how much data I can upload. In all honesty, each platform still has an active community and awesome volunteers who all oversee it and continue managing it quite well. I have connected with so many talented individuals from the Audius Community ranging from fellow musicians, music curators, digital media artists, software developers...etc. you name it! Audius has been extremely beneficial to me as a developing musician & digital media artist. The community has witnessed first hand my own personal progress as a fully independent artist. I would say the closest thing to interacting in real life would be via, the 3D digital venue application available for Audius members to host their own events for anyone in the world to join live from a computer! Absolutely amazing!

Question 4: You have released a tune on the Audius platform “mattrick x kaythx” which has generated over 6.55k plays! How was that song made and do you have any cool stories you can share? 

So, the story behind my track "mattrick x kaythx" is very interesting. I actively seek out collaboration projects with different artists in order to broaden my personal knowledge & experience. I actually randomly found the artist "KaythX" in the "Phuture Collective Community" Discord server run by our very own community lead Mr. Cullen. I had already produced the original track at the time of meeting KaythX but ended up sharing my project file with him, he took out the best parts of mine and added in his own elements and boom! A hit was made! We are in the process of creating another track as we speak!

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Question 5: Is it true you are only exclusive to Audius and Web3 as a whole? We would love to hear more about the thought process behind this decision!

Yes! I am exclusive to Audius and have been since 2021 when I first joined the platform. In regards to any music streaming platform, Audius is my #1 choice and option. I do not value a platform that charges you a fee to upload music, and then still continues to show you ads even after paying a membership fee, sheesh! There are absolutely 0 ads on Audius, 0 fees, 0 upload limits...etc. #1 choice of platforms out there! The Audius Protocol attracted me because it shares the same Web3 ideologies. Decentralization is the key to maintaining one's independence in my opinion. 

Question 6: You have recently partnered with The Access Protocol to leverage your Audius web portfolio with Web3 monetization. We would love to hear more about this partnership and the business model behind it. 

Yes, I have recently partnered with The Access Protocol in order to leverage my Audius Web3 portfolio and further monetize my art & music content in the Web3 community. This has been an amazing experience so far! It actually works out quite well for all parties involved. It has enabled me to provide more services in regards to art & music distribution, generating a daily profit. Now I have a platform & an audience who value my work enough to want to invest in my future! 

Question 7: Finally, what do you love the MOST about music? 

What I love the most about music is its power to convey emotions & experiences to anyone no matter what language they speak and what planet they live on. Music is math. Music is universal. Music is limitless expression and individual style. Because what is art really… Art really is just an excuse to meet and interact with another person and to say ‘do you feel this way too?’