Ljazzbeats - Artist Spotlight Series #6

Ljazzbeats - Artist Spotlight Series #6

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Welcome to another edition of the Audius Artist Spotlight Series. Today, we're thrilled to introduce Ljazzbeats, a seasoned artist hailing from Chile. With a strong foundation in jazz improvisation and an impressive portfolio of collaborations, Ljazzbeats is not only a staple of the Audius community but also a testament to the power of music to inspire and connect. Join us as we delve into his musical journey, artistic inspirations, and experiences with Audius.

Question 1. Tell us about your artist name and how you got into making music.

▷ I started making music when I was very young in my school in music workshops that I participated in. After that, I saw that I had talent for it and I professionalized it by studying at the school of arts of the University of Chile obtaining the title of instrumental interpreter in double bass and composition and musical arrangements. Following that I specialized in jazz improvisation and I was part of different jazz groups (standard and fusion) here in my country that allowed me to travel and get to know different countries. Following this, I had a break as a musician for several years but I was always linked to music, especially black music (jazz, soul, hiphop, r&b, reggae, etc.). After a few years, I created again but now alone under my producer alias Ljazz! 🔥

Question 2. Who are your musical inspirations?

▷ My musical inspirations are varied. My music influences mainly link to jazz such as  Charlie Parker to J Dilla and so much more! I feel that my inspiration arrives from listening to a sound in the street or hearing a good jazz vinyl! Music is part of my day-to-day life. You can go in the street and listen to something that remains in your mind and becomes part of a new composition. The inspiration does not necessarily have to just come from your music library.

Question 3. How did you discover Audius and what is your favorite thing about it?

▷ I discovered Audius because of a person I love very much whom is part of this family! When we met, we began to share music! I shared mu compositions with her. What I like the most about Audius is that I have met excellent musicians and people with whom I can relate to on a daily basis, create good friendships and truly incredible musical projects.

Question 4. You have released some dope music on Audius. Tell us about your favorite track releases and the creative process behind it.

▷ I think I am one of the most active users on the platform and for that I have also won several awards and recognitions (I don't like to talk about them anymore as I give priority to the music I make and not to what I earn). I am always in constant creation since I work with many artists both here at Audius and outside the platform.

Question 5. What do you think of the Metaverse and Web 3 and how do you think it can help artists to succeed?

▷ Honestly, I am here for a musical theme more than for the Metaverse. I like the world that is generated with these new technologies. I think that changes are always interesting for any type of thing and if these changes strengthen and help art in general (not only music) it will always be positive. I do think it is in development and needs more maturation to become more effective.

Question 6. What are your future plans for your music? Where would you like to see your career five years from now?

▷ My plans are to mainly continue with my life, take care of my family, and continue with all my pending projects (there are several)! I think that in 5 years I will be more stable as a musician and I hope that my name is recognized (not by me but because of my music and my sound)! I would like to leave a small mark on the horizon where many people feel happy listening to me.