Jan Larz - Artist Spotlight Series #1

Jan Larz - Artist Spotlight Series #1

11 min

Step into the world of Jan Larz, a unique musical talent whose journey began with childhood cassette mixes and has now evolved into the realm of modern digital music production. A student of both sound and technology, Jan’s work reflects his interest in the convergence of music and blockchain technology. In the following interview, we unpack Jan’s musical experiences, his relationship with the Audius platform, and his insightful views on the future potential of the Metaverse.

Question 1. Wassup Jan Larz! Cool artist name by the way! Our first question is, how did you get into music? 

▷  Hi Audius team and community! First of all, I want to thank you guys and say I’m so glad for being interviewed in this community spotlight series. It all began when I was just a kid. I loved listening to music on the radio, playing music with my first Casio CTK100 keyboard, started mixing with my first 2channels mixer and a couple of Walkman without covers (which allowed me to pitch on the tracks) at the age of 8. I made my own creative mixes as well cutting and pasting cassette tapes and after destroying many cassettes and Walkman's, I started DJ'ing with vinyl records at just 10 years old. 

That was 30 years ago in which I have evolved with the musical world in many aspects. I am always self taught but with passion. I produce music for my own pleasure and DJ sessions, learn how to play different instruments, DAWs and new machines, playing ChillOut and World Music DJ sets for sunset sessions in many Beach Clubs and Beach Restaurants around as well. I introduced myself into Music Therapy and into the deep study of sound and investigate its effects on health (both mental and physical), create hypnosis and meditation music for live sessions.

Question 2. So how did you discover Audius & what’s your favourite thing about Audius? 

▷ I have been a crypto enthusiast for almost 5 years now and after investigating and understanding blockchain, I learnt how some projects integrate important key aspects like  (“decentralization”). I soon started to focus on the Web3 concept in general and searched for projects related to it. I found Audius (which was the perfect project & streaming platform). A place where I could share my productions & creativity in a whole new way with a futuristic concept of what the music industry must be or at least where it should be focusing. What I like the most from Audius is the brothership and good positive vibes that the whole community and team emanate.

Question 3. You write your own music, sing and produce it! Tell us about your favourite originals you have made and the process behind creating it. 

▷ As many other composers & music producers would say “The creative process turns on a light inside oneself”  All my tracks (including remixes) are made with the same energy & positive vibes as each other. I love the creative process & enjoy co-creating tracks together with my family (partner & daughters) & amazing talents like Mystic Hang (whom I consider a remarkable person and a profound professional). 

Another one: “Menorca Magic” (was a track that I submitted for the Audius “Around the World” Community Contest was so lovely & great. This song transmits all the sensations I feel living here (to compose the melody, record many foley sounds, enjoy and share with friends, animals & nature and then fuse all this into a song) it was something unforgettable. I also feel this way with my next release, a track that I have named “ETHNIC.”

Question 4. Where would you like to see the  Metaverse and Web 3 music space evolve to over time?

▷ With any technological evolution, there are always elements of both optimism and potential dangers. I would love to see a healthy Metaverse. A Metaverse composed of real consciousness and a sense of humanity. I see the Metaverse as the convergence of both the physical and the digital realms which comprises both avatars and our physical human interactions, minds and souls. Regarding Web3, my hope is that it will be made more accessible, secure, collaborative, without fees and 100% anonymous through zero-knowledge-proofs etc. Real freedom for self sovereign identity. These views might be too utopian but at least that's how I would like it to be.

Question 5. Any final words you would like to say to the folks at the Audius community?

▷ I just want to say thanks once again to the entire Audius family. I’m feeling so happy to be part of such a nice and promising project! This project would not be the same without its great community, the users, and the entire Audius team.