Introducing $AUDIO Badges

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Introducing $AUDIO Badges

Native verification. Social tokens. Feature access.

The groundwork is now in place for all the above to happen in a web3 native fashion with the introduction of $AUDIO Badges.

Starting today, users that hold $AUDIO in their Audius account are eligible for profile badges – visible throughout the app that unlocks new features as they’re released.

This release is one of the first in $AUDIO’s long list of feature access use-cases, many of which we covered in a recent blog post. For more information on Audius and what it means to truly own the platform you create value for, check out this primer.

What’s To Know?

Badges are slotted at the following $AUDIO amounts:

These tiers are automatically assigned relative to the amount of $AUDIO held in Audius, viewable as the ‘$AUDIO BALANCE’ in the Dashboard.

The amounts and benefits associated with each VIP tier can be changed at any time through governance, meaning the community has a direct say over where these amounts sit and what they access in turn.

While badges are primarily social at inception, the Audius community will look to introduce product features for different tiers alongside ways to earn $AUDIO for active contributions to the network.

VIP tiers will change relative to $AUDIO holdings, meaning if a user acquires more tokens, they can be upgraded to a new badge. This also works in reverse, meaning if a user withdraws $AUDIO from their Audius account, they will lose their VIP tier as well.

Outside of audius.co, VIP tiers will also be reflected in the AUDIOphile Discord server, paving the groundwork for more exclusive conversations and AMAs with Audius’s biggest advocates.

What’s Next?

Keep a close eye on your fellow $AUDIOphiles as you’re browsing the app. Badges are a great way to see which community members have skin in the game, and which are likely among the top 10,000 users who earned $AUDIO as a result of the genesis $AUDIOdrop.

For those artists who have requested verification status but aren’t verified on Twitter or Instagram, badges are for you.

The requirement to earn a badge is entirely trustless, meaning $AUDIO holdings are the only prerequisite needed to work your way up the chain.

For questions and ideas about how you’d like to see badges and VIP tiers be used, join the $AUDIOphile Discord and let your voice be heard.

Until then, be on the lookout for more details around $AUDIO Rewards coming to a decentralized streaming protocol near you.

This is the Audius team, signing off!