Introducing AI Music Attribution on Audius

Introducing AI Music Attribution on Audius

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Harness the power of AI-generated music and give credit to the artists who inspire you

As the world of music evolves, Audius is proud to announce a new feature for our users: AI Music Attribution. With the rise of AI-generated music, we believe it's essential to provide a way for creators to acknowledge the artists whose styles have inspired their AI-generated tracks. In this blog post, we'll explain how AI Music Attribution works and how you can start using it today.

AI-generated music is a rapidly growing trend in the music industry. It involves using artificial intelligence algorithms to compose songs, often inspired by the styles of existing artists. At Audius, we want to ensure that artists receive proper recognition for their influence on this cutting-edge technology.

Here's how AI Music Attribution works on Audius, for both artists allowing their styles to be used as inspiration and users creating AI-generated music:

For artists allowing their styles as inspiration:

  1. Opt in via the settings menu: As an artist on Audius, you can choose to be included in the list of users that AI-generated tracks can be attributed to in the future. To do so, visit the settings menu on the Audius website and opt in. While Audius itself isn’t currently training models based on users’ musical styles, the Audius API will soon enable anyone to build integrations that use your style as inspiration. Be sure to check the Audius API documentation for more information.

For users creating AI-generated music:

  1. Mark a song as AI-generated: When uploading a song on Audius, you can now mark it as AI-generated. To do this, click the AI attribution button in the advanced section of the upload form.
  2. Attribute the inspiration: Once you've marked your song as AI-generated, flip the toggle and select the artist whose style inspired your song from the drop-down list. This list exclusively features artists who have opted in via their settings page. Keep in mind that content can only receive the AI-generated designation when associated with an artist who has actively opted in for this attribution.

By using AI Music Attribution on Audius, you'll be able to give credit to the artists whose styles have inspired your AI-generated tracks, creating a more transparent and collaborative music ecosystem. This exciting new feature not only highlights the incredible capabilities of AI in music creation but also fosters a sense of community and appreciation for the creative minds that drive innovation in the industry.

Start using AI Music Attribution on Audius today, and join the movement to celebrate the fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence in music.