Hot & New, Week of 11/21/22

Hot & New, Week of 11/21/22
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Full of strikingly emotional music, this week’s Hot & New playlist overflows with lush love songs and lonely longing. Ranging from soul to funk with touches of reggae, a large swath of fresh releases from historically Black genres are also on display on Audius.


Re-introducing himself as Aden Foyer, Norwegian producer Jonas Aden presents “The Ballet Girl,” the first song from his latest alias and project. This orchestral anthem exploded immediately, catapulting Aden Foyer as high as #8 on global viral charts. Storytelling vocals and energetic piano rhythms give “The Ballet Girl” a cinematic quality; it invites listeners to create their own main character moment, dancing in the rain.

Duo RM47 collaborated with South African vocalist Prince African Child on their latest release, “BEETGOZON.” Not only does this track feature an African-infused rhythm, but the artists also weave in traces of reggae throughout this funky beat. This track hits the ears like warm sunshine, electrifying each moment and movement.

Chris Scholar returns to Audius, baring his heart on his sleeve with “Just In Case (feat. Kota The Friend.” Featuring a minimal and melancholic instrumental, the Richmond-based artist exposes his vulnerabilities and flaws to a lover. Expressing their wariness and hesitations, both Chris Scholar and Kota The Friend wax poetic about the hardships of emotional connection.

DESTIN CONRAD makes his Audius debut, rapidly gathering traction on the streaming service with “SATIN (feat. Jean Deaux.)” Just one song off of his new Satin album, this track delivers a carefree sensuality with its smooth yet sparkling jazz beat. Featuring the sublime voices of both Jean Deaux and DESTIN CONRAD, “SATIN” serenades listeners, fluid and rich like fine wine.

GINGE emulates fond memories and nostalgia in her R&B-influenced Audius debut, “Take My Picture.” Her celestial singing shines on top of the effervescent melody. As vivid as sunsets on the beach, “Take My Picture” captures dreamy snapshots of our most treasured moments.

Although the chill of winter currently settles in the bones, the poignant emotions in this week’s latest releases melt away the ice, filling everyone with warmth. This week’s Hot & New playlist will undoubtedly break anyone out of hibernation!