Getting Started with Audius!

Getting Started with Audius!

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Audius is the fastest growing web3 music platform in the world!
Sign up now and claim your @handle before it’s gone! 

Why Join Audius?

Audius is working to make sure artists get paid fairly. Currently, Artists only capture about 12% of the total music industry revenue.

We’re changing that - giving the power and value back to the artists who create it. 

Create your Account

Step 1

Go to 

Choose an email address and password for your account. Be sure to save your password in a password manager.

Step 2

Sign in with your Twitter or Instagram account to automatically complete your profile.  If you have a verified account on Twitter or Instagram, your verified status will automatically transfer! You can also fill out your profile manually if you'd prefer. Linking your verified Twitter/Instagram account is the only way to become verified on Audius.

Step 3

Next, follow a few artists to continue.

Final Steps

That’s it!, you have an account! You can now start listening to the amazing talent, uploading their work to Audius. Don’t forget to complete your profile by uploading a cover photo, linking your socials, and adding a description. 

Upload your own music!

You’ve got an account, now it’s time to upload your own music. Share links to your profile and tracks to socials to start gaining followers and plays.

Start earning crypto rewards

Don’t forget to take advantage of $AUDIO Rewards! Verified accounts can earn up to 5,000 $AUDIO from referrals.

Our Investors
Investors: Lightspeed, General Catalyst, Pantera, Kleiner Perkins, Stanford University, Coinbase Ventures, Binance

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A selection of investor portfolio companies