Gear Review: Skar Audio For Your Car Sound System
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Gear Review: Skar Audio For Your Car Sound System

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Come explore the power of bass with Skar Audio, a brand quickly rising in prominence among car audio aficionados. Experience its unique capabilities and compare them to other well-known names – this exciting journey awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover Skar Audio, a rapidly growing car audio brand with high-quality products and positive customer feedback.
  • Compare Skar Audio to established brands for competitively priced, high performance amplifiers and speakers.
  • Enjoy long term success with the 2 Year Limited Warranty & extended protection plans from Skar Audio.

Discovering Skar Audio: A New Contender in Car Audio

Skar Audio is rapidly proving itself as a viable competitor in the car audio market. Its car subwoofers and equalizers are praised for their sound quality, while also maintaining affordability and making waves with its high-quality products. So how does this brand compete against major players such as Focal, Kicker, JBL, Pioneer or Bang & Olufsen? Let’s take an in-depth look into what makes Skar Audio special, from its product line to customer feedback!

The company has been met with incredibly positive reviews on its wide range of offerings. Customers rave about the excellence across all aspects that make up each component – enhancing both performance and value simultaneously. Whether you’re looking for professional car speakers or hefty bass subs, there is something available within Skar Audio’s broad lineup that can meet your needs perfectly.

The Story Behind Skar Audio

Skar Audio, established by Kevin Schlenker in 2012, is dedicated to providing customers with top-notch audio products that are both reliable and affordable. This promise of quality at economical costs has been upheld since its founding - Skar’s goods often outperform more well known brands while maintaining affordability for the buyer. Newsweek magazine even awarded them ‘Best Trending Online Shops’ of 2021, proof of their increasing notoriety on the market today!

Comparing Skar Audio to Established Brands

Skar Audio stands as an unexpected challenge to the bigger names in car audio. They provide high-quality and powerful sound output, but what really sets them apart is their selection of top-of-the-line car audio products that come with innovative features not found elsewhere, all while remaining at competitive prices. The bass performance and overall value make this brand a great contender when it comes to choosing your next piece of equipment for superior sound!

Skar Audio Amplifiers: Power and Performance

Skar Audio is a renowned brand that provides car audio lovers with an array of high-performance amplifiers. These amps feature top-notch power output, Class D technology for better sound quality, and durable design all in one compact package. They also have variable bass boost functionality and MOSFET power supply along with protection circuitry as well as remote level control to maximize your listening experience, something any dedicated audiophile would appreciate! To these amplifiers, Skar offers subwoofers too so you can be sure they understand what it takes to create the ultimate car audio system!

Compact Amplifiers: Small but Mighty

Skar Audio offers a wide range of amplifiers that boast power and impressive performance in compact sizes. Models like the SK-M4004D, SK-M9005D, SK-M5001D, RP-1200.1 DandRP -350. D range from 400 to 900 Watts making them suitable for different types of ads with specific audio needs.

If what you require is an amplifier that not only fits into a tight space but also comes equipped with plenty of muscle then Skar Audio can offer just the thing! Their models come packed full of energy, allowing any sound system requirements to be met without sacrificing size or quality.

Better and Best Options: Catering to Audiophiles

Skar Audio produces products which cater to both the regular listener and those who are particular about sound quality. Its Better and Best amplifiers boast impressive power, enabling them to deliver consistently good performance even at low voltage or with an extremely low impedance. Reviews praising their great audio output serve as testament to this fact.

The input features on these amps such as gain, subsonic control, and LPF settings give audiophiles ample options for tailoring their listening experience in fine detail - something that Skar’s range is renowned for delivering!

Cooling and Efficiency: Addressing Concerns

Skar Audio understands the importance of cooling when it comes to car audio amplifiers. Proper heat dissipation can help sustain performance levels and increase the lifespan, which is why our amplifiers have integrated advanced heatsink designs as well as forced-air mechanisms for effective temperature regulation.

Some technical difficulties with certain Skar models concerning the placement of their fans has been reported.

Enhance Your Sound with Skar Audio Speakers

If you want to improve the audio of your car, Skar Audio provides an extensive selection of speakers. They boast a clean and powerful sound which has been proven by customers that there is no distortion or clipping at elevated volumes – illustrating their top-notch performance.

The numerous designs on offer from Skar Audio make it possible for these speakers to suit any vehicle as well as individual preferences. Making them versatile and unrivaled in quality when compared with others out there. Regardless of whether you are looking to upgrade existing factory components or want something new, this brand will supply whatever needs can be thought up!

Coaxial Speakers: Versatility and Convenience

Skar Audio’s versatile and convenient coaxial speakers are a great way to upgrade sound quality without sacrificing convenience. Their wide selection of sizes – 4-inch, 5.25-inch, 6.5-inch round speakers as well as 4x6 elliptical up to 6x9 elliptical – make it possible for these speaker sets to fit most factory locations without the need for modification or extra hassle during installation.

This makes Skar Audio’s product line an ideal choice if you’re looking for increased audio fidelity in your car with minimal effort required on your part, just simply drop them in! Plus, their adaptability works across many different types and models of vehicles thanks to the range they have available.

The level of user friendliness coupled with exceptional build materials results in superior performance when compared against other typical aftermarket solutions. Giving users access to high quality sound that can be customized according to controller individual preferences easily using this line from Skar products specifically made designed so everyone is able enjoy enhanced listening experience no matter what type of vehicle driving.

Component Speakers: Customizable and High-Quality Sound

For audiophiles who want to customize their listening experience, Skar Audio has the perfect solution. Their component speakers have been expertly crafted with high-end materials and innovative technology that promise unmatched sound quality. These sets include a woofer, tweeter and separate crossover for tailor-made clarity – so users can modify it according to personal preference. Plus, by opting for these components over prebuilt systems, you’re guaranteed professional results every time!

Tweeters: Crystal-Clear High Frequencies

Skar Audio’s tweeters are renowned for providing excellent power and sound with high frequencies. Featuring superior construction, robust handling capacity, a wide frequency response range along with the silk dome design enhanced by ferrofluid cooling. These components can upgrade any existing audio system greatly enhancing its clarity in the higher ranges. So don’t forget about Skar Tweeters when adding to or building up your sound system!

Pump Up the Volume: Skar Audio Subwoofers

Those passionate about bass will adore Skar Audio’s range of subwoofers, which offer immense power levels that boost volume and enhance the low-end. From 8 inches to 18 inches in size as well as 500 Watts all the way up to a formidable 3200 Watts of power output, these speakers are perfect for bringing your music alive.

To dive deeper into why so many bass fans swear by Skar Audio’s products, it comes down to their reliable performance paired with an impressive array of sizes and ranges in terms of available wattage, guaranteeing you get exactly what suits your needs best!

Size and Fit: Finding the Perfect Subwoofer

Skar Audio is a brand that knows size matters when it comes to subwoofers, providing an extensive range of models ranging from 8-inch all the way up to 18-inch. Their website also provides helpful videos for those looking into purchasing Skar audio amplifiers on how best install them in their car.

No matter which model you have, there will be a perfectly fitting skar audio amplifier and subwoofer available! So don’t worry about your car model because they got you covered with all kinds of sizes ready at hand.

Power and Performance: Matching Your Needs

For those seeking robust power and sound quality, Skar Audio is renowned for their subwoofers. Car audio enthusiasts appreciate the high-performance capabilities of these units that provide a substantial amount of energy output to fill any vehicle with thunderous bass notes.

Whether you want to upgrade your system or are just looking for optimal acoustic enjoyment, Skar Audio has the perfect product tailored specifically towards each individual’s needs and preferences in terms of car audio solutions.

Enclosures and Installation: Maximizing Bass Output

For a powerful performance, Skar Audio encourages you to pay close attention to the enclosure and setup. They provide various types of enclosures such as sealed, ported or bandpass which boosts bass output. Plus they supply detailed instructions on how best to install it in order to maximize both its longevity and results when using your subwoofer from this brand.

Skar Audio Customer Experience: Support and Satisfaction

Skar Audio is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service, aiming for fast and accurate order fulfillment as well as timely shipping. We also strive towards offering efficient solutions when it comes to troubleshooting issues that may arise, along with providing comprehensive warranty support after purchase of the products. This all-round excellent experience remains our priority in giving customers a satisfying service throughout their journey with us.

Order Fulfillment and Shipping: Fast and Reliable

At Skar Audio, customers can count on a speedy and dependable order execution process. Products are usually shipped out the same business day - plus free ground or freight shipping is given for orders over $1,500 in continental America! You won’t need to wait long before you start having fun with your new audio equipment from this company.

Problem Solving: Responsive and Efficient

Skar Audio has a prompt and efficient resolution method when it comes to settling any issues customers may face. This could be from receiving products that are defective, missing pieces on delivery, trouble getting customer service assistance or difficulty with their warranties. Skar Audio is determined in finding solutions for these conflicts while offering an FAQ page online to answer common queries and address concerns quickly.

Warranty and After-Sales Support: Protecting Your Investment

Skar Audio stands behind their products with an impressive 2-Year Limited Warranty for anything purchased directly from them or through one of their authorized retailers. For extra assurance, Skar offers extended warranties and protection plans that will provide you with the peace of mind to enjoy your product investment worry free.

Real-Life Skar Audio Success Stories

Customers have been giving Skar Audio rave reviews for their products’ outstanding quality and performance. In particular, the SVR 15-inch subwoofer and dual 12-inch enclosure for Chevy/GMC crew cabs have garnered heaps of praise from satisfied customers. Such reports demonstrate how well this product range stands up in real life applications, a testament to its reliable craftsmanship which has made them popular over time with no issue at all.

Upgrading Car Audio Systems

Customers have found that Skar Audio has been extremely helpful in upgrading their car audio systems. There is an expansive selection of products from the company, ranging from amplifiers to subwoofers and they all boast a marked improvement on sound quality as well as being able to handle power loads with low voltage at reduced ohms. This satisfaction rate among customers has led many who rely on Skar Audio for powerful sound capabilities to continue investing in them.

Comparisons to Other Brands

To measure the quality of Skar Audio against other brands, customer reviews and feedback can be used for comparison. Some such competitors include Rockford Fosgate, Pioneer, Kenwood JL Audio, Sundown and Marantz, all more expensive than Skar. It still stands up well to them in terms of performance. A testament to its rising success despite only recently entering the market.

Plans for Future Purchases

The customers of Skar Audio have placed their trust in the brand for its cost-effective and efficient subwoofers, thanks to the company’s emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. As a result, these people are looking forward to purchasing future products from this well-known label. Even though there may be some hesitation regarding how they do business, that hasn’t stopped them from being one of the most successful brands out there.

Common Skar Audio Concerns and How to Address Them

As a brand, Skar Audio has had customer feedback regarding their quality and performance of products, warranties, service availability as well as durability and reliability. To ensure customers have the necessary information when making purchases with this company, they have put measures in place to address these issues. Seeking additional details can be advantageous for those considering buying from them, which is why it’s imperative to take such concerns into account before going forward. Skar Audio takes pride in meeting expectations set by its customers while guaranteeing top-of-the-line quality with every purchase. Customer satisfaction is an area that remains important within any successful business. Thus offering exemplary levels of support during all stages delivers on what consumers anticipate from such a leading brand like theirs.

Product Quality and Performance

When it comes to Skar Audio, reviews regarding product quality and performance have been quite mixed. Some people appreciate the brand’s mid-grade SPL products such as subwoofers and amplifiers. There are individuals who find certain lines of their items to be below average.

It is essential to bear in mind that Skar has a varied range of offerings catering for different preferences and budgets when making any purchasing decisions about this particular brand.

Cooling and Longevity

When investing in car audio equipment, it is important to consider both the cooling and durability of products. Skar Audio offers a sophisticated air flow system alongside preinstalled fans as methods for efficient heat dissipation. By consistently regulating amplifier temperature through these elements, users can maintain their product’s longevity over time. Consequently, this ensures that your investment into top-tier Skar Audio items remains worthwhile long term.

Customer Service Issues

Skar Audio is dedicated to offering outstanding customer satisfaction, yet some issues with its services have arisen. Many customers are displeased due to the lack of response they experience when attempting contact by email or phone.

To combat this issue, Skar Audio has been actively implementing procedures and strategies in order to improve their support system for all customers. They hope these changes will result in more positive experiences from using their services going forward.


Skar Audio is a brand that should be considered if one wants to upgrade their car audio experience. With an extensive collection of products offering superior quality and affordability, the company has been steadily growing in the industry. It also prioritizes customer service as well as providing users with powerful bass sound capability unlike ever before! So if you’re looking for top-tier performance at competitive prices, then Skar Audio could definitely fit your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Skar subs so cheap?

Skar Audio is able to keep prices low through their internally managed production, which eliminates any added costs from outside manufacturers. By relying on already-existing designs for items, the company saves money, but this could be at the expense of variety and creativity.

Who is Skar Audio made by?

In 2012, Skar Audio was founded by their CEO, Kevin Schlenker. A highly committed team of over 50 individuals has since grown to offer exceptional customer service and elevate expectations continuously.

What is Skar Audio comparable to?

Skar Audio is still an emerging car audio brand, but they are making waves in the industry by offering competitive products at lower prices compared to more renowned brands like Pioneer, Kenwood and JL. Even though their status may be on a smaller scale than these others currently, it won’t stay that way for long.

What is Skar Audio's mission?

Skar Audio is dedicated to providing high-quality audio equipment that everyone can afford. Our commitment remains in delivering the best products and services within reach of all budgets.

How does Skar Audio compare to well-known brands?

Skar Audio is fast becoming a formidable rival to more renowned car audio brands, with its superior quality goods offered at competitive rates.