Gear Review: M Audio for Your Home Studio
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Gear Review: M Audio for Your Home Studio

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M Audio offers an impressive selection of audio products to fit any budget or skill level, from interfaces and MIDI keyboards to studio monitors. With such a comprehensive range of options available at their fingertips, aspiring musicians and established producers can easily find the perfect gear for creating music in their own home studios. To help you get started on your journey into sound production, this blog post will provide all the info you need about M Audio’s best offerings: its array of audio interface units, midi keyboard controllers, various types of software packages bundled with select items. As well as top-notch studio monitor equipment designed for optimal sound mixing capabilities. So step up your sonic game today – let M Audio become part of the equation!

Exploring M Audio's Range of Audio Interfaces M-Audio Fast Track Pro 4x4 Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface with  Preamps : Musical Instruments

M Audio offers an extensive collection of audio interface options that address the needs and budgets of both novices and experienced producers setting up their home studios. The M-Track Series is a great choice for those just starting out in the world of recording, as it comes with plenty to offer - top quality sound capture/playback, multiple connections including USB connectivity which provides access to phantom power, direct monitoring capabilities, and support for commonly used audio software programs. Meanwhile, AIR series products are tailored more toward advanced users who need higher specs such as Crystal preamps plus fast latency speeds at competitive prices thanks to USB-C connection technology incorporated within them. To gain insight into these settings features so you can get the most from your recordings, we should explore each one separately on a deeper level.

Entry-Level Excellence: M-Track Series M Audio M Track 2X2 | 2 In / 2 Out 24/192 USB Audio Interface :  Everything Else

Audio interfaces of the M-Track Series provide a practical and affordable choice for those beginning in audio recording. The Solo model supplies one microphone or line channel along with an instrument/line input, while the Duo offers two XLR and 1/4 inch combo jacks with Crystal Preamps. These cost effective items make it easy to start crafting your ideas without too much expense, plus they are small enough to be taken on trips but robustly designed so you can trust them at home as well! Plus, these units come bundled with compatible software that works seamlessly across Macs and PCs alike. Whether you’re creating tunes from scratch or just sampling some sounds – this is exactly what budding music makers need for their projects!

Advanced Options: AIR Series


Audio lovers and music producers alike appreciate the AIR Series for its high-quality sound, USB-C connectivity, and low latency performance. These features make these superior usb audio interfaces a great choice if you are in need of flawless recording experience with quality components such as Crystal preamps.

The user friendly design also makes it easy to access all sophisticated capabilities that this series has on offer, without sacrificing any important aspect of your music production process! The investment made in an AIR Series device will be worth every penny spent when seeing how much it can enhance your overall audio recordings.

The Heartbeat of Production: MIDI Keyboards from M Audio M-Audio Oxygen 61 (MKV) – 61 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller  With Beat Pads, Smart Chord & Scale Modes, Arpeggiator and Software Suite  Included,Black : Everything Else

When producing music, MIDI keyboards are essential for achieving a smooth integration between digital audio workstations (DAWs) and virtual instruments. M Audio supplies different levels of keypads to meet users’ demands such as the Oxygen Pro series and Keystation Mk3 models that come with certain control page characteristics like recording functionality, assignable controls options along with variable size keys in order to satisfy distinct creative needs. To help make an informed decision regarding which one would best suit you, let’s take a look at how these two MIDI keyboard versions differ from each other.

Keystation for Beginners

The M Audio Keystation series is designed with beginner musicians in mind, giving them full-size keys and an effortless interface that allows for a realistic playing experience. Lightweight and compact design make it great as well for those who are just getting started in their keyboard or MIDI controller journey.

Different models come with different key counts so individuals can find what best suits their skill level while its affordability makes it accessible to anyone looking to learn music without breaking the bank. With easy setup and straightforward functionality combined, this range of controllers definitely makes creating music convenient even if you’re new at playing audio instruments.

Oxygen Pro for the Experienced

Oxygen Pro 61 | M-Audio

The Oxygen Pro keyboards are perfect for experienced producers who require a level of sophistication and seamless combination with their recording software. These devices provide 16 backlit pads that respond to velocity sensitivity, assignable faders as well as chord and scale mode functions plus Arp & note repeat capability. Alongside these is an abundance of playback/recording controls along with hands-on access over sequencing while using top production programs like Reason or MPC Beats. What’s more, the semi-weighted keys allow sensitive velocity changes including aftertouch so your playing has plenty of expression too - it all comes together by making use of assignable knobs & buttons offering you customized control!

M Audio's Studio Monitors: A Critical Listen0

Studio monitors from M Audio provide excellent sound quality for all types of music production. The BX Series features inputs with XLR and TRS connections, as well as input gain control to monitor exact levels of noise analysis. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a reliable yet premium experience in sound reproduction, the MA series is what you need - it offers superior audio performance that won’t disappoint even the most discerning ears. Both these ranges offer flexible solutions suitable to match different budgets!

BX Series: Budget-Friendly Clarity

BX3 | M-Audio

M Audio’s BX series of studio monitors offer quality sound at a reasonable price. Their construction includes tough Kevlar woofers as well as LF and HF drivers, giving users precise audio reproduction no matter if they are streaming movies or playing music. The special measure system along with dual scan technology provide added clarity for an accurate listening experience. All these features make the BX series excellent value without sacrificing performance when it comes to bringing tunes alive in any home recording setup!

M-Audio's Premium Line: The MA Series

The MA Series of studio monitors from M-Audio are designed with advanced technology and high-quality components to ensure superior sound quality. These tools provide versatile connectivity options, powerful amplification and a long lasting construction that guarantees longevity.

Best suited for home studio use, the MA series caters to audio lovers who require outstanding listening experiences when monitoring their recordings - elevating one’s relationship with music production as an investment into excellent performance.

As opposed to budget alternatives on the market today, these top tier speakers offer above average features which results in unparalleled audio precision perfect for honing your craftsmanship!

Bundled Software Suite: Unlocking Creative Potential

Creative software suite by M Audio

M Audio’s comprehensive software suite equips users with the tools they need to excel in music production. The M-Track Solo and Duo packages include a range of plugins, such as Xpand!Two synths from AIR Music Tech, Eleven Lite guitar amp sim, 20 Avid plugins and Pro Tools First M-Audio Edition. As an added bonus comes MPC Beats for making beats out of samples or sequences quickly. This all helps musicians push their creativity while also boosting their productivity levels in terms of recording audio tracks. With cutting edge resources like Eleven Lite for virtual amplifications/effects simulation integrated into this powerful software package from M Audio it is no wonder why so many producers rely on them when constructing projects within home studio environments.

Setting Up Your M Audio Equipment

To ensure optimal performance and sound quality, it is vital to configure your M Audio gear correctly. Start by adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions then make sure you have all the right cables connected before configuring a digital audio workstation (DAW). Taking time in this step of setting up will pay off with better music production results as well as avoiding potential problems resulting from improper installation or setup. So dedicate some effort into learning how best to arrange your audio equipment for peak output—it’s worth every second!

Enhancing the Streaming Experience with M Audio

M Audio’s adaptable products can significantly boost the quality of your streaming experience. Connecting their audio interfaces, studio monitors and MIDI controllers to your setup will allow you superior sound recording when capturing video or music production, even outperforming some ads! By incorporating these audio products into a home-studio configuration with microphones and instruments connected, users are able to get an exact reproduction of sound while monitoring streams too. With M Audio equipment at hand, content is taken to new heights thanks to improved overall media streaming sessions that captivate audiences alike.

Taking care of M Audio Gear

M Audio MIDI keyboard in a studio setup

To ensure that your M Audio audio equipment can serve you for years, it is important to provide proper care and upkeep. Regular cleaning with a slightly damp cloth or cotton swab dipped in mild soap or alcohol will help protect from potential issues while increasing its lifespan. For studio monitors, the manufacturer’s guidelines should be strictly adhered to when installing, transporting or making repairs. This will guarantee safety as well as best performance outcomes. Investing time into maintaining these pieces of audio technology pays off dividends down the line!


Audio products from M Audio are ideal for any home studio. With models like the beginner-friendly M-Track Series, the AIR range designed for experienced users and the more advanced MA series to really up your production game - you’ll find something to suit every skill level. Taking care of your audio gear is key if you want it to last. So invest in quality equipment and take some time getting used to how each product works best with yours! Unlock unlimited creative potential by choosing sound solutions that deliver results – explore M Audio’s lineup today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is M-Audio still in business?

M-Audio, an audio and music products brand owned by Akai, is part of the InMusic family. As such, it forms a diverse portfolio of equipment used for various purposes across many industries that includes other prestigious names like AIR Music Technology, Alesis, Alto Professional, ION Audio and Sonivox as well as MixMeister and Numark. This all suggests that M-Audio continues to stay in business today.

Did Avid buy M-Audio?

Avid Technology, Inc. has recently declared the sale of its music technology company M-Audio to inMusic Brands, which it had procured back in 2004. From 2005 to 2011, Digidesign and M-Audio collaborated for producing Pro Tools M-Powered – a variation of Pro Tools program built by Digidesign that was compatible with the inexpensive audio interface hardware made available by M-Audio.

How old is M-Audio Fast Track Pro?

With over a decade of experience, the M-Audio Fast Track Pro has been an audio go-to for professionals looking to track quality sound. Highly reliable and trusted, this product continues to remain popular in the industry due to its comprehensive features and long history.

What does the M-Audio do?

M-Audio is well known for its audio interfaces and studio integration products which provide a high quality 24-bit/48k.Hz resolution with a user friendly layout that can be used on Mac, PC or iOS devices.

Besides this, they also offer other musical peripherals such as keyboards, controllers, microphones and studio monitors designed to facilitate any recording workflow.

Which M Audio audio interface is best for beginners?

The M-Track Series has two ideal models for novices: the Solo and Duo. Which are user friendly as well as reasonably priced.