Expect the Unexpected: Local Dialect, DJ S.K.T, Sam Ourt & more! Hot & New 7/8

Expect the Unexpected: Local Dialect, DJ S.K.T, Sam Ourt & more! Hot & New 7/8

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Electronica continues its endless evolution and Audius explores the latest renditions of genre crossovers alongside refreshing takes on decades-old sounds. This week's Hot & New playlist update absorbs a spectrum of different electronic genres, taking on familiar and new tints and tones.

Techno duo Local Dialect impresses four-on-the-floor elitists once again with their fresh two-sided single, “Frequency / Hera.” In each of these tracks, Local Dialect establishes distinct soundscapes. “Frequency” embarks on an intergalactic journey through the curious darkness in space, characterized by gritty and twinkling synths that breathe like massive, shifting nebulas. On the flip side, “Hera” worships celestial mysteries at a golden altar, appreciating the divine mystique of supernatural and omnipotent forces. Both tracks invite listeners to embrace the unknown, offering reassurance and acceptance through dance.

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Audius excitedly announces another remix contest, this time spotlighting the DJ SKT and James Haskell tech house collaboration titled “Naughty Girl.” Utilizing one of infinite iconic Beyoncé samples, this dancefloor heater samples the 2003 original “Naughty Girl” and creates a sexy, hip-moving track. Running from June 28th to July 12th, the prizes for this remix contest are tantalizing! First, second, and third place winners will receive free VIP +1 entry to any upcoming DJ SKT performance as well as an official remix release on the Stashed Music record label. However, the first palace winner will also get to spend a day in the studio with DJ SKT and James Haskell! We encourage all our talented producers to give this remix contest their best efforts and wish all y’all the best of luck!

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Venezuelan producer Sam Ourt returns to Audius with his remix of “Hit Me Up Again.” Originally by Marc Benjamin, Chemical Neon, and Sophia Gripari, this classically big room EDM song gets a house-inspired reimagining. While Sam Ourt gives “Hit Me Up Again” a renewed playful energy, the composition and tone is undeniably melancholy. This remix sonically captures the contrasting feelings that come with being attracted to someone that is undeniably toxic. Indeed, Sam Ourt instills fresh life and visceral emotions into his remix of “Hit Me Up Again.”

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Bonfire teams up with CLVW for an anthemic drum and bass hit, “Runnin.” Gritty frequencies clash with shimmering synths, lending to some hyperpop-adjacent elements in this kaleidoscopic tune. Bonfire and CLVW carefully compose these complex melodies, emanating the frenzied desire to hit the dancefloor when drum and bass starts pouring out of speakers!

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GSWAN28 recruits Zebvlxn and HenHouse for a delectable fusion of genres in “Cut Me Loose.” While the lyrics and flow are reminiscent of dark trap rap, the execution is undoubtedly derived from a love of psychedelic indie rock. The heavy use of reverb and the overwhelming depressive mood of “Cut Me Loose” even calls back to the origins of goth music, the post-punk sounds of Joy Division. GSWAN28, Zebvlxn, and HenHouse display the love of music in “Cut Me Loose” by expertly pulling inspiration from a plethora of genres; fans from across genres will find reasons to love “Cut Me Loose.”

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Through collaborations and experimentation, artists are finding new ways to innovate electronic genres every single day. On this week’s Hot & New playlist update, we hand-selected the latest contemporary sonic diamonds for our inquisitive listeners!

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