Ethereal & Energetic - Hot & New 8/7

Ethereal & Energetic - Hot & New 8/7
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The end of summer is near, but don’t let that bring the good times to an end! Whether you’re seeking relaxing rejuvenation or a burst of energy, Audius curated the ideal soundtrack on this week’s Hot & New playlist!

Símon Sumö emerges onto the scene as a fresh house producer based in Tulum, Mexico, unveiling his debut single, “Inception.” This track gently wraps listeners into a peaceful environment with glowing piano chords carefully juxtaposed over one another. Underlining this tranquil melody is a steady four-on-the-floor beat, immediately transforming this track into a beachy yet meditative deep house tune. Born in Greece, Símon Sumö traveled and found himself in Tulum, and the producer finds himself cross-pollinating the sounds of the Mediterranean, Spain, and now Mexico. While “Inception” comes as their very first release, Símon Sumö also teases an upcoming album for listeners to look out for.

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Audius once again shines the spotlight on Morris the Friend, featuring his latest track “2:17.” In this newest track, Morris the Friend impressively weaves with threads from a wide spread of genres. A touch of autotune on his vocals while he sings about being awake at 2:17AM, dealing with heartbreak and being cheated on, harkens to the soul influence on Morris the Friend’s style. Meanwhile, glistening synths and a sorrowful guitar call to gothic styles of music. “2:17” is the delectable middle point for fans of darker, depressive styles of rock as well as emo subgenres of rap. And, all the while, Morris the Friend attracts more listeners with his vulnerable yet relatable lyrical content.

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Dot captures fans in her celestial dancefloor with the reveal of her new album, FUTURE SHOCK. The producer celebrates cybernetics with her sonic vision of what's to come. FUTURE SHOCK is full of iridescent synths and glimmering beats, dropping listeners into a technological soundscape. Dot incorporates a wide variety of textures to heighten the synesthesia of this neon club, from gritty saw waves to silken synth chords. Although “MAKE ME BELIEVE” has caught the attention of many listeners, the entirety of FUTURE SHOCK  tells a sci-fi story, all of which can be found on Audius!

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Michael Sparks and NuBass team up for a hot collaborative bass house track, “Magic Carpet.” Released on the widely known label, Spinnin’ Records, this beat combines gritty frequencies with a smooth house bassline. Perfect for cutting shapes, “Magic Carpet” electrifies listeners with its bouncy rhythm and maddening sound design. Meanwhile, a tastefully manipulated vocal sample grants “Magic Carpet” its name. Michael Sparks and NuBass add depth to the song, subtly incorporating lasers that ensure this track stands out from the rest. “Magic Carpet” will undoubtedly have the festival mainstage crowd jumping!

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RL Grime’s imprint, Sable Valley, unleashed their Summer, Volume 4 compilation. Unsurprisingly, it’s filled to the brim with the most innovative sounds from trap, wave, and drum and bass. Summer, Volume 4 is stacked high with artists from the underground, such as Keenan Mattias, Skellytn, and REMNANT.exe. These smaller artists stand strong alongside larger names including SLUMBERJACK and G-Buck. Sable Valley lives up to its reputation with Summer, Volume 4, curating a lineup of heavy-hitting tracks from all of the highly talented producers featured!

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From emotional to energetic, Audius’ new releases have no bounds of genre or sound. We are elated to uplift these incredibly talented and moving artists on this week’s Hot & New playlist update!

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