Emotional Soundwaves: Broey, ethanplus, Unlike Pluto & more! Hot & New 4/1

Emotional Soundwaves: Broey, ethanplus, Unlike Pluto & more! Hot & New 4/1

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April showers bring rainbows when the sun finally shines through the clouds, metaphorically reminding us of the joy and beauty that come after the storm. This week, Audius explores the vibrant spectrum of emotions on our Hot & New playlist update!

Pennsylvania-based producer Broey presents his six-track EP titled Fragments. This stunning body of work explores a stunning collection of genres and heart-touching emotions. The east-coast influence on Broey. also makes itself apparent throughout Fragments; for example, “Like That” takes the bouncy rapid-fire energy of jersey club and fuses it with a four-on-the-floor beat. Meanwhile, “Numbers” touches on a dainty and delicate take on garage. Fragments was molded by the melting pot of sounds in the United States' northeast, and it’s a delectable body of work for any house head!

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Audius shines the spotlight on eccentric trap producer ethanplus, a self-described ‘goofy beat boy.’ True to his name, ethanplus reaches back to the underground era of electronic instrumental trap: a time where music felt like it took itself far less seriously; the beats were fire and fun, inspiring dance and laughs. Burgeoning from the underground himself, more eyes began turning to ethanplus with his debut album last year, Just Another Friday Night in Suburbia. Now, he drops his latest single “Sick,” which combines drum and bass rhythms with the futuristic elements of hyperpop. ethanplus’ eccentric trap and funky fusions solidify his unique path in an oversaturated electronic music production scene.

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Offering up his latest “Pluto Tape,” Unlike Pluto shares his track “Red Dress.” Inspired by Malenia, Blade of Miquella from Elden Ring, this complex song feels melancholic and carries the weight of a heavy mist. “Red Dress” is powerful but tinged with sadness, much like the lore surrounding Malenia in the game - beautiful and relentlessly strong externally, yet cursed to rot and suffer. Synths echo, Unlike Pluto’s singing reverbs through the mist, and an electric guitar croons in desolation. “Red Dress” delves into the circuitous emotions surrounding such a character as Malenia - someone mysterious and ancient, and yet still relatable to the average person.

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Tutara Peak shares a new take on their hit track, “Orbit.” Called the Lunar Edition, this is an acoustic version of the original. “Orbit (Lunar Edition)” highlights Winifred’s dulcet voice with a stripped-back instrumentation and minimal production manipulation. This meditative version of “Orbit” showcases a piano twinkling like stars shining in the night sky; gentle, subtle instrumentation induces a content, introspective isolation. Tutara Peak and Winifred create a new message and story in the Lunar Edition of “Orbit.”

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Explosively popular and endlessly talented producer laxcity shares “Landing Homesick,” a ballad that captures the feeling that many in the music industry find relatable. After a performance, the flight takes off while it’s still dark and lands with the rising sun. Although being a touring musician is an incredible feat happiness cannot counteract the extended exhaustion of tour life, craving the comforts of home.

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Exploring a wide range of music means exploring a wide range of emotions; simply being human means exploring a wide range of emotions. Without a doubt, music helps us work through and process our emotions. This week’s Hot & New playlist offers sonic therapy and soothing for anyone in need!

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