Dreamy Winter Nights: RAC, STRANJAH, DECAP & more! Hot & New 12/4

Dreamy Winter Nights: RAC, STRANJAH, DECAP & more! Hot & New 12/4

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Winter is settling in tenderly, inviting all of us to cozy up with a loved one or embrace the reflective magic of the chilly temperatures and long nights. Audius scoured the latest uploads for all the icy atmospheres and present them to our users on this week's Hot & New Playlist update!

Portugal-born music producer RAC unveils his fresh single: a collaboration with Great Good Fine Ok. Titled “Fine,” RAC blends his indietronica sounds with Great Good Fine Ok’s misty, tranquil style. “Fine” unveils the stunning result of this mix: a pastel melody with melancholic undertones. Dreamy elements sweetly muddle together like the sky during sunset. RAC and Great Good Fine Ok composed an emotionally complex ode to a growing loved one in “Fine,” a perfect soundtrack to an introspective winter’s night.

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Providing fuel for the bonfire, North American producer STRANJAH releases a remix of “BADDIE.” While STRANJAH boasts about his drum & bass prowess, his garage and club talents also demand respect; enter the “BADDIE” remix. This rapid and precise club-inspired tune creates a frenzy on the dancefloor with its addictive bounce and playful energy. STRANJAH captured adrenaline in a song with this “BADDIE” remix.

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Multi-platinum artist DECAP uploads his new single to Audius, “THE GLOW.” Synths breathe and twinkle throughout this kaleidoscopic track. The bassline steadily cruises, softly impacting like a heartbeat that gives the song life. “THE GLOW” is reminiscent of golden light sparkling on snow as it’s warmth causes the ice to slowly melt. DECAP thaws away a harsh winter storm, reminding us of the life that continues kindling beneath the cold.

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Slurgeon presents the Tulpa EP, dropped via forward-thinking bass record label STYLSS. This three-track body of work boasts meticulously crafted sounds. Thoughtfully arranged, each track captures its own emotional and vivid environment, all tinted with an introspective curiosity. Like a reckless chemist, Slurgeon experiments with composition, texture, and tone, all the while maintaining a particular atmosphere. All throughout Tulpa, Slurgeron’s percussion adds a sprinkle of energy and intrigue to the organic nature of this body of work. Audius listeners can catch “Tulpa” and “Just The Same” on Slurgeon’s page now!

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Sadie Fine shares her explosive new single with Audius, “Friends With Benefits.” A sensual take on rock, “Friends With Benefits” opens with a suggestive attitude, then dives into an all too relatable experience. In her crispy, rich voice, Sadie Fine sings of developing more than just physical attraction in a situationship; the excitement of the arrangement amid longing for more. “Friends With Benefits” tells a story with fiery heart and rock n roll, and we are all hoping for a happy ending.

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Wintertime calls for appreciation. It is an opportunity to sit down in the quiet and reflect on the things we love: a partner, ourselves, and the things we’re grateful for. Audius’ Hot & New playlist update cultivates the perfect soundtrack intimacy and introspection; check it out below!

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