Community, Meet $AUDIO

Community, Meet $AUDIO

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About a year ago, we excitedly launched Audius to the public for the first time.

In the last month, the Audius community logged more than 1 million streams across nearly 100,000 tracks from over 700,000 artists & fans in ~200 countries 🤯It’s been an incredible ride, and we’re just getting started.Now, are you ready for what’s next? 🙂

Community, we’re proud to introduce 🎧$AUDIO, the Audius platform token.

With $AUDIO, you & other members of the Audius community will be able to:

🏛 Propose & vote on new features or upgrades to Audius
💰 Decide where to invest grants for community projects that improve Audius
🎶 Earn $AUDIO by hosting, curating & moderating tracks on Audius
📱 Earn $AUDIO building your own apps & experiences on top of Audius

And many possibilities that haven’t been imagined yet. Once distributed, $AUDIO will live inside a digital wallet connected to your Audius account.And thanks to behind-the-scenes crypto magic, all value created, transferred & earned transparently in real-time.

No middleman, no ripoffs, no wait times. Anyone can earn $AUDIO by using Audius.And the more you use Audius, the more $AUDIO you earn. As Audius grows, so does the community of $AUDIO holders.

You are what makes platforms valuable. So don’t just own the masters. Own the platform. $AUDIO is coming soon.

Spread the word, tell a friend.

💜 The Audius Team

Note: $AUDIO have not been registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 (“Securities Act”) and may not be offered or sold in the United States or to a U.S. person absent registration or an applicable exemption from the registration requirements.