Cheat Codes: Now Selling Music On Audius!

Cheat Codes: Now Selling Music On Audius!

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We’re thrilled to announce that Cheat Codes is one of the first artists selling music on Audius! This platinum certified American electronic music trio is known for dominating the Top 40 charts, collaborating with iconic acts such as Demi Lovato, and touring worldwide with fiery DJ sets. 

Today Cheat Codes is kicking off their premium offerings with the catchy new single “Location (feat. A7S).” 

Show your support to Cheat Codes; Buy and stream their new single on Audius today!

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Audius is working hard to empower artists of all sizes. We just unveiled the ability for Artists to sell music directly to fans on their own terms. Artists can set custom prices for each song, and with instant earnings, they can see their balance grow in real-time. 

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