Audius Mainnet Double-Audited

Audius Mainnet Double-Audited

4 min

Audius has completed a second entire audit of its smart contracts on both Ethereum & Solana mainnets. After a substantial protocol exploit in July on our Ethereum governance system (post-mortem), the Audius team decided to conduct a full system re-audit with an additional third-party partner. The team at Zellic was our chosen partner for the re-audit.

Audius Solana Programs Report

Audius EVM Report

The re-audit found one critical vulnerability in Audius’ Solana programs, which was patched and re-deployed during the audit in a time-span of 5 hours (timeline detailed in the linked audit report). No significant issues were found on the Ethereum smart contracts side.

The Solana smart contracts had been previously audited by Kudelski, and Ethereum smart contracts had been previously audited by Open Zeppelin prior to their original launches.

Our team is extremely grateful for the attention to detail, efficiency, and professionalism of the team at Zellic, and are excited to continue to work with the team going forward.

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