Hot & New, Week of 11/7/22

Hot & New, Week of 11/7/22
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Although there’s less sunlight each day as winter takes hold, the latest Audius releases will surely shine through the darkness. This past week, hyperpop became an official genre on Audius, and several releases represent this designation on this week’s Hot & New Playlist. As always, though, songs from other genres were dropped on Audius in tandem with this celebration of hyperpop.


Vocalist artist YAMEII pops technicolor bubbles in their latest track, “where’d-u-go-o╥﹏╥o-。゚,” a laidback hyperpop tune produced by Deko. Playful synths and cheerful instrumentation color this song with vivid and neon colors. The gentle production from Deko compliments the perky flow from fictional vocalist YAMEII, who is also a heroic character in the Oseanworld YouTube series.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/oVRq5?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>


Not only did Deko see the release of “where’d-u-go-o╥﹏╥o-。゚” on Audius, but he unveiled also a song of his own, “spectacular sensation.” A change in pace from his production for YAMEII, this high-spirited hyperpop track is fueled by pulsating synths and energetic rhythms. The glitchy composition of “spectacular sensation” enhances the futuristic nature of Deko’s manipulated vocals, solidifying this song as an upbeat hyperpop classic.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/pYyjz?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>


Pivoting to UK garage, Higgo makes his Audius debut, unveiling his VIP of “words” by piri and tommy. This tune is so seamlessly infectious; the smooth yet bouncy instrumentation influences bodies to dance with ease. Woven into this garage house turn are feminine vocals, calling back to the origins of UK garage. Indeed, Higgo created a dancefloor hit with his VIP remix of “words.”

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/OlGqg?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>


adanna duru also makes her first appearance on Audius, dropping her celestial R&B track “Boogie.” Her silken voice reaches sultry timbres, enriching the alluring beat. “Boogie” glows gently and romantically, like candlelight illuminating your lover’s face on date night. adanna duru synthesized a sensual track with “Boogie,” perfect for quiet nights with your partner or a winter’s night out.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/jVmQZ?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Mexican DJ and producer Kid Gus stands as a third Audius debut this week, introducing himself to the platform with “Whistle.” This track marks the intersection between tech house and bass house, boasting a bouncy and driving bassline in addition to a rolling melody punctuated by disorienting build-ups.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/track/NaV17?flavor=compact width="100%" height="120" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>

This week’s lineup of new releases is studded with artists making their Audius debut, not to mention hyperpop artists celebrating their official genre designation on our website! Whatever the flavor, your new favorite artist can be found this week on Audius’ How & New playlist.

<iframe src=https://audius.co/embed/playlist/DOPRl?flavor=card width="100%" height="480" allow="encrypted-media" style="border: none;"></iframe>