Hot & New, Week of 03/13/23

Hot & New, Week of 03/13/23
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The clocks jump ahead, the sun shines longer, and plants spread their pollen everywhere - all the signs that spring has finally sprung. Whether you’re feeling energized and euphoric or calm and content, Audius picked a bouquet of freshly bloomed tracks just for you in this week’s Hot & new playlist update.

French DJ and producer Habstrakt makes his Audius debut, dropping an explosive collaboration with fellow French house music producer Malaa. Titled “Molotov,” this aggressive track combines the structure of electro house with the grit and bounce of bass house. Singing synth chords announce the introduction, harkening back to other massive French house and disco producers like Justice. Then, Habstrakt and Malaa give “Molotov” a sprinkle of bass house with a sharp, staccato melody. Habstrakt teased this track at tour stops in both America and France, displaying its ability to light a dance floor on fire. Perhaps this track is the precursor to his freshman album Heritage, set to drop later this month.

Canadian hip-hop/R&B artist Kavale also debuted on Audius this week with their track “Down (ft. WESTSIDE BOOGIE).” Although the tone of the track presents melancholically, “Down” contains defiant undertones within Kavale’s lyrics. This clash is apparent throughout the track as Kavale opens up in his words. He raps about how his external struggles affect him internally. Both Kavale and WESTSIDE BOOGIE lament their depressive feelings as they reflect on the state of their lives and community as it has been affected by people wanting to bring them “Down.”

Indie duo Yellow Trash Can unveil their latest song, a tranquil tune entitled “Cherry Fog.” Formed in Portland, the budding band made the move to LA where they continue to create their unique combination of indie rock elements and electronic music production. “Cherry Fog” lays low and dense as the sun rises on a damp spring morning. Angelic vocalizations are like a brisk breeze gently caressing your cheek, enjoying the quiet as the world slowly wakes up.

The Audius spotlight shines brightly once more on Dombresky; he returns to the platform with “In My Room (ft. SHELLS),” an upbeat house heater. This track teleports listeners to a sunset performance, where the dancefloor is still energized by the sun. Meanwhile, SHELLS sings in a honeyed soprano, adding an air of delicacy to “In My Room.” Indeed, Dombresky produced a sonic representation of that carefree spring break feeling.

We enter spring feeling rejuvenated by the sun! Now is the perfect opportunity to begin building pool party and festival prep playlists, and Audius has got you covered. Check out the latest springtime tunes in this week’s Hot & New playlist!