Hot & New, Week of 04/17/23

Hot & New, Week of 04/17/23
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Emotions run wild as April progresses; some experience growth and joy in the sun while others languish in Coachella FOMO as we tune in to the livestreams, catching the diverse lineup on YouTube. Audius scoured the latest releases to find the perfect tracks to match any mood, presenting a delightfully varied Hot & New playlist update!

Petit Biscuit makes an exciting entrance onto Audius, uploading a massive chunk of his early discography onto our platform. Alongside his first few singles and his debut self-titled EP, Petit Biscuit’s wildly popular “Sunset Lover” demanded the ears of Audius users. This delicate track glows as beautifully on the millionth listen as it did on the first. A silken guitar underlines an effervescent vocal melody as other elements slowly twinkle into existence, like the first stars appearing during twilight. Petit Biscuit produces lush yet meditative tunes that pair perfectly with spring mornings and evenings. We’re elated to welcome him to the platform!

DJ Hanzel teases his latest album, anti everything, by dropping the most popular track, “Pull Up.” The tech house alter ego of Dillon Francis, DJ Hanzel never fails to maximize the energy in his minimal instrumentation approach. “Pull Up” channels to UK garage, as well, by utilizing that unmistakable bouncy sample in the harmonic rhythm. Additionally, feminine vocals singing “Pull up, I wanna give you my lovin’” carry the melody, reinforcing the heavy influence of UK garage weaved throughout this tune while adding a playful and flirtatious air.  DJ Hanzel includes the other three Audius tracks on anti everything, giving followers a proper taste of this delectable four-on-the-floor album.

Nytra blows listeners away with their debut single, a drum and bass heater titled “Ethereum.” This mysterious project appeared seemingly out of nowhere, playing their first ever live set at Texas’ infamous South By Southwest for Austin’s latest drum and bass show series, INTER/SECT. Finally, Nytra presents their first track, “Ethereum,” and they thoroughly flex their impressive production prowess. This track opens up with celestial and psychedelic elements, featuring distant vocals and drum rhythms with breathing synth chords. Although it opens up gently, “Ethereum” explodes into dark drum and bass that glitches through highly-textured sounds. Nytra taps into maddening drum and bass and combines it with characteristics of neuro and IDM. Audiophiles eagerly await what’s next from this enigmatic project.

Production internet celebrity laxcity unveils “Cath,” the second single from their upcoming project, Kinder Opposites. While laxcity may be known for their bubbly, eccentric productions, “Cath” takes on a moodier tone. Opening with slow singing synths and the occasional bass punch, “Cath” feels like the unleashing of despair and frustration with the slightest note of hope in the background. Perhaps short for ‘catharsis,’ laxcity concentrates complex emotions into a moving track on “Cath, “ inviting listeners to embrace their own emotional release.

Dennis Cartier creates an addictive club tune in “Gimme,” a house track that contains flavors of disco. Classic four-on-the-floor hi-hats and claps underline this song, but Dennis Cartier trades in the typical bassline for one with a touch more funk. Meanwhile, the melody is defined by a vibrant sample of rich feminine voices. All together, “Gimme” hypnotically attracts fans to the dancefloor with its driving, upbeat energy.

This week holds no shortage of genres and emotions on Audius! Our Hot & New playlist contains something fresh for everyone, whether listeners are seeking to enhance their vibe or to improve their mood.