Audius Establishes Licensing Agreements with All U.S. Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)

Audius Establishes Licensing Agreements with All U.S. Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)

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Earn Performances Royalties From Your Songs

We’re happy to announce that Audius has established licensing agreements with all the major U.S. performances rights organizations (PRO), including ASCAP, BMI, GMR and SESAC. This means that songwriters whose songs are on Audius will receive performance royalties via the PRO they are signed up with.

How to Start Earning Performance Royalties

When uploading a song to Audius, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’ve entered the correct metadata for each song, including ISRC and ISWC codes associated with each individual track. 

If the song you upload is a cover song (performed and written by someone else) or you are uploading the composition of another songwriter, the performance royalties will be paid to the writer of that song. Again, in order for the songwriter to receive royalties, it’s important to include the metadata on each track to reflect the proper song credit.

Adding ISRC and ISWC Codes to Your Track on Audius

When uploading your track to Audius, including metadata such as ISRC and ISWC codes is crucial for proper attribution and rights management. Follow these steps to add these codes during the upload process:

Step 1) Begin Your Upload:

Click the Upload button on the sidebar, located at the bottom left of the screen, to start your upload.

Step 2) Select Your Files:

Select the files you’d like to upload and choose how you’d like them to be released, then click Continue.

Step 3) Open the Attribution Menu:

While filling out the details of your song, locate and open the Attribution menu. This is where you can enter important metadata for your track.

Step 4) Enter ISRC and ISWC Codes:

In the Attribution menu, enter your ISRC and ISWC codes in their respective fields. The ISRC code is a unique identifier for your specific recording, while the ISWC code identifies the composition itself.

Step 5) Finish Your Upload:

Review the information you have entered to ensure accuracy, then click Continue to complete your upload.

Updating Metadata

Forgot to add some important metadata? No problem, you can edit your track at any time. Here’s how:

Step 1) Open the Edit Menu:

Go to the song you want to update and click the ••• button. Then select ‘Edit Track’ from the list of options that appear.

Step 2) Show Advanced Fields:

In the Edit Track menu, click the ‘Show Advanced’ button to reveal additional fields.

Step 3) Enter ISRC and ISWC Codes:

Locate the ISRC and ISWC fields and enter your codes.

Step 4) Save Your Changes:

Make sure to save your changes before exiting!

What this means for Audius

As we continue to establish licensing deals with record companies, music publishers and other rights holders, our deals with the major U.S. PROs are an important milestone moment. ICYMI Audius has also signed a deal with Music Reports (MRI) to clear and pay publishing. Check here for more news about other ways you can earn money with your songs on Audius.