Announcing Audius Collectibles

Announcing Audius Collectibles
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NFTs have exploded in popularity over the last three months. We’ve seen exciting applications in digital art and gaming, and most recently in music with the use of NFTs to crowdfund albums, mint limited edition album art, and more. 

NFTs are not a passing fad. They are here to stay, and an exciting frontier within the digital music economy. They are a new, powerful tool for both artists and fans alike. They will be used to crowdfund concept albums and cross-artist collaborations, create limited album art, inserts, and experiential media, drop backstage passes to lucky super fans, and so much more. The design space is vast, and Audius is in a prime position to help artists and fans experience this new universe. 

That’s why today we’re excited to unveil Audius Collectibles, a new way to showcase the NFTs that you’ve created or collected directly on your Audius profile.

Collectibles for Artists 

Audius Collectibles is the best way to bring collectibles directly to your fans. Whether you’re showcasing your favorite NFTs or merchandising an NFT sale on a marketplace, Audius Collectives brings all of your NFTs from disparate wallets and marketplaces directly to your fans where they listen. This is a great way to personalize your profile or give your most loyal listeners exclusive drops on limited edition sales, concerts, albums, tickets, digital art, and more. 

Starting today, artists with Silver Tier accounts—i.e., those holding more than 100 $AUDIO—now have instant access to Collectibles on their Audius profile pages. For more information on Audius Tiers and Badges, read this post. We’ve been piloting Collectibles with some amazing artists over the past week including 3LAU, Odesza, RAC, Disclosure, Dillon Francis, Boys Noize, VÉRITÉ, Oshi, Matthew Chaim, Mëtsa, Camoufly, and PLS&TY. They are all great examples of Collectibles in action. Check it out!

To access your Collectibles page, head over to your profile and click on the Collectibles tab. 

If unlocked, you can start adding NFTs by connecting a third-party wallet. In the Audius Dashboard, you’ll now notice a new field called “Connect Other Wallet.”

See bottom right in $AUDIO & Rewards.

This is where you sync other wallets like Metamask, WalletConnect or Bitski directly to your Audius profile. Not only will this unlock Collectives for your profile, it will also earn you higher status based on your $AUDIO holdings in those wallets!

(Please keep in mind that by connecting another wallet, this data will be public on chain, meaning we recommend more sophisticated users to recognize the viewable nature of addresses connected to a public Audius profile.)

To add NFTs to your Collectibles tab you’ll be asked to sign a message on your connected wallet. No gas is required, just a signature to prove that you own the wallet. After signing the transaction, all supported NFTs held in your wallet will automatically show on your profile! From there, you can curate which ones to display publicly. To do this, simply select any collectible on your profile and look for the “Edit” button. This will allow you to make specific collectibles viewable. 

To celebrate the launch, any artist or fan who sets up their Collectibles page and connects at least one wallet holding a collectible in the first week will be eligible to receive a limited edition Audius NFT - airdropped directly to the connected wallet!

Collectibles for Fans 

Did we mention that Collectibles are not just for artists? Fans can unlock Collectibles with Silver Tier status, too. 

Audius Collectible currently supports NFTs from SuperRare, Zora, Foundation, OpenSea, Rarible, and KnownOrigin. The community will be working more to support more platforms in the coming months.

Instead of scouring these markets for the latest drops, you can now discover them directly from your favorite artists’ profiles. If you find a collectible that you absolutely must have, you can click directly through the artist’s or creator’s page to visit the marketplace listing. Easy as that. 

Collectibles are one of the best ways to personalize your profile and showcase your one-of-a-kind NFTs. Showcase your latest Zora drop. Rock a CryptoPunk. Display an ENS name. Your collectibles are yours. Take a walk down memory lane and see the albums and art you helped make possible and shows you had a little extra access to0. Over time, Audius Collectibles will support more interactive experiences between creators and fans. Music, and audio more broadly, is one of the core breakout applications of NFTs. This is just the beginning.  

Help Build Audius Collectibles 

We’re always looking to support those going above and beyond to show what makes Audius a great fit for your Creator Economy. 

If you’re keen to explore future partnership opportunities, please reach out to contact@audius.co. 

Happy collecting!